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10 Great Youtube Videos On Growing Weed

by Nebula Haze

Many of you have written in to say that you love growing videos, so I've researched 10 of the greatest videos about growing marijuana available for instant access on YouTube.

These videos were specifically chosen because they answer some of the most common questions we receive at, in video form!

1.) How to Grow Marijuana Indoors with Hydroponics - Beginning to End

"I Grow Chronic" by Mr. Green

Watch this step-by-step video series on how to grow marijuana indoors

He's green, he knows how to grow, and he's eager to show you too.

This video series shows you how to construct a basic indoor grow-room that yields a 1/4 pound of chronic medical grade marijuana every two months.

Mr. Green takes out the mystery and confusion surrounding the construction and maintenance of an indoor marijuana grow room by breaking it down into basic easy-to-follow steps.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:


2.) Impressive Auto-Flower Grow Video

"The Most Amazing Autoflower Grow Ever Recorded!!!- LED, DWC, THINK DIFFERNT" by DrAutoFlower
Incredible marijuana auto-flowering grow video with LED grow lights
(I have no control over the music)

Many growers write in to with questions about auto-flowering strains of marijuana. These strains go through their whole life cycle "on their own," and don't need light and dark periods to tell them when to start growing buds.

These strains tend to be higher in CBD, which can be very medicinal. However, auto-flowering strains often produce very low yields compared to non-auto-flowering strains, partially because their auto-flowering nature takes away a lot of your control as the grower over the size of your plants.

This video proves that you can get great yields with an auto-flowering strain of marijuana.


3.) 52 Minutes of Outdoor Growing Training

"Marijuana: A Grower's Lot" by Kog

Outdoor Marijuana growing video by top grower Kog from Australia

Hint: Start at 3:30 to skip the intro about his life and his history with growing (though personally I find his story very interesting :)

Even after going to prison for growing, Kog continues to serve the growing community by sharing his information with these valuable videos. In 52 minutes, he takes you through an entire outdoor marijuana grow in Australia.

4.) Quick! Get Started! Germinating Marijuana Seeds Via the Paper Towel Method

"Germinating seeds in paper towels" by Rodrigo0DCHow to germinate seeds with paper towels video

This method works great for marijuana. Remember, marijuana seeds should NOT get light during the germination process. If you don't want to use plastic sandwich bags, you can use the exact same method, but just place the paper towels between 2 plates.

How to germinate marijuana seeds with paper towels

Learn more about germinating marijuana seeds here:

Simple Techniques That Magnify Your Yields

5.) How to Control the pH of Your Water When Growing Marijuana

"How to check and adjust the pH of your water" by Nebula Haze
How to check and adjust the pH of your water when growing weed video

Do you seem to keep getting nutrient problems and have no idea why?

It might be your pH! This video explains how to check and adjust the pH of your water before watering your marijuana garden.

Want to learn more about why this is important? Learn everything you need to know about marijuana nutrients and root pH here:

5.) Grow Short and Bushy Plants: How to FIM and Top Marijuana Plants

"How to F.I.M and Top Your Marijuana Plant" by Grow420Guide
How to FIM and Top your marijuana plant video
Warning: Short commercial at beginning

This video describes and show two methods growers use to get additional colas (so you have a wide bushy plant instead of a tall plant with a single cola).

The two techniques are known as topping and FIMing. At GWE, we've covered both methods extensively and they both work extremely well to get your plants to grow multiple colas.

This grower likes to top then FIM his plants. At GWE, we believe both work great though we generally recommend FIMing since it is less stressful to the plant, and creates 4 colas instead of just 2 like topping.

You can FIM multiples times, and it doesn't slow down the plant's growth as much as topping does.

Learn more about the pros and cons of FIMing vs Topping right here:

6.) Defoliation For Growth Control and Cloning

"How To Clone & Defoliate Marijuana" by Nugporn
How to Defoliate Marijuana and Make clones video

Gil sits down with Chris from Green Cuisine and learns how to defoliate his plants as well as how to clone them for the next vegetative cycle.


7.) Growth Control: Low Stress Training (LST) For Bigger Yields

"Tie Her Down to Increase your Marijuana grow yields!" by IAMHEMP420
Low stress training (LST) marijuana video

As the gardener, you have ultimate control over how your plants grow.

After you watch this short video about tying plants down, you can learn more about marijuana growth control techniques here:

Now here's some fun stuff for growers to look at....

8.) 45 Second Time Lapse of Full Marijuana Grow

"Marijuana Time Lapse - 80 days in 45 seconds" by HerbanGrower
45 Second Time Lapse video of cannabis grow

Time lapse of an entire marijuana grow - 80 days in 45 seconds. In addition to being cool, this video can help new and experienced growers get an "overview" of what the entire marijuana life cycle looks like.

9.) Jorge Cervantes Takes You On 10 Minute Video Tour of Some of The Coolest Outdoor Marijuana Growing Spots

"Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour - 10lb.+ MEGA Plants!!"  by Jorge Cervantes
Jorge Cervantes Takes Your on A Tour of the Coolest Outdoor Growing Spots - video

Your breath will be taken away by this beautiful 10 minute tour of incredible fields of outdoor marijuana plants around the the world with commentary by world-renowned grower Jorge Cervantes.

I especially loved this comment:

"Find it funny how a beautifully filmed and put together video showcasing FLOWERS is age restricted based on community guidelines."



10.) See What Chronic Marijuana Buds Look Like, Up Close and Personal!

"EPIC Macro MADNESS" by KoMA Trichome
Sticky marijuana buds with trichomes video by KoMA Trichome

This video was made by KoMA Trichome, a friend of who has unparalleled knowledge on growing and breeding unbelievable medical marijuana. If you like sparkly buds, this video will absolutely blow you away.


If you loved these growing marijuana videos, you will appreciate this cool resource which contains a collection of just medical marijuana growing YouTube videos with ratings

Looking for more?

Check out these extra BONUS growing videos available on YouTube:

Full Length Documentary - Quality Indoor Marijuana Cultivation
2-hour video guide on how to grow marijuana.
Warning: Short YouTube Commercial in beginning

When We Grow, This is what we can do (Full Documentary)
Educational documentary concerning the facts about cannabis, from industrial hemp to medicinal cannabis

HIGH TIMES PRESENTS : Nico Escondido's Grow like a pro
2 hours of comprehensive cultivation coverage and bonus material (shot in HD) of America's top medical grow facilities. Indoor growing, greenhouse techniques & outdoor cultivation.

Stoned Free Guide to Growing Cannabis
Lots of great information in this 40-minute long film on how to grow marijuana.

How to Make Canna-Butter - Medical Marijuana Butter Recipe - Ease Your Chronic Pain!
Part 1:
Part 2:

Nutrient Comparison: Dyna-Gro vs. Advanced Nutrients
The Proof Is In the Harvest Shots. Dyna Gro fed plants ended up yielding the exact same amount of buds, in less time and costs less than expensive Advanced Nutrients.

How to Tell If Your Cannabis is Ready For Harvest
How to tell when your cannabis has reached full maturity and the effect this has on the final product.

Ready. Set. Grow. (High Times Marijuana Growing)
Instructional film series (7 videos) teaches you everything you need to know to grow marijuana safely indoors in the privacy of your home.

Save Electricity and Reduce Heat with LED Grow Lights
Wondering about LED grow lights? A good friend over at posted a YouTube video revealing his results growing marijuana with the Pro Grow X5... one of the first 5W chipset LED grow lights that has actually been used for growing marijuana. So far, the Pro Grow X5 has out-performed any other LED grow lights we've tried with growing marijuana.

YouTube Video Showing Results:

See a complete grow journal and learn more about the Pro Grow X5:


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