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7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I First Started Growing Weed

When I first started growing weed, I was completely overwhelmed by all the elaborate tutorials about growing...

Young, healthy marijuana plants (White Rhino strain)Everything seemed so complicated.

Maybe you know what that's like.

But after I started growing for real, I realized how easy things can be when you just know what to do.

As time has gone on, I've realized that I worried about a lot of things that weren't very important in the beginning and didn't pay nearly enough attention to the fundamentals.

Back then, I didn't even know what the fundamentals were!

( has the basics all laid out right here)

If you want to learn from my mistakes, you'll love today's article, because it breaks down the 7 most important things I wish I'd known about growing weed when I first started.

  1. Growing weed doesn't have to be hard. 

    I think a lot of people want to feel like they accomplished a major feat because they were able to grow weed.

    But truthfully, if you just need medicine for personal use, growing can be incredibly easy. If all you're doing is a simple hand-water grow, you'll easily get at least 6-8 ounces of buds off your first plant, even if you make lots of mistakes. 

    Each grow after that, you'll learn more and more about what works for you. For many people, just growing 1-2 plants at a time is all they'll ever need to keep a regular medicine supply. 

    If you can dedicate a weekend to setting up, ten minutes a day to care, and then a few hours at the end of each grow to drying and curing your buds, that's all you really need to faithfully grow a few pounds of super potent buds each year.

  2. More nutrients does not equal more buds. 

    It's tempting to want to give your plants as much "good stuff" as your possibly can. 

    When I first started growing, the thoughts frantically rushed through my head when choosing nutrients, "Which nutrients are the best?! What supplements do I need to use so I get great yields?" 

    But I've realized that as long as you're giving your cannabis the basic nutrients it needs to grow, you really don't need to know a lot about nutrients, especially in your first grow. 

    The most important lesson though is that LESS IS MORE. Unfortunately though, there's no one perfect formula for growing because each strain and plant is different. 

    You'll get great results with a wide variety of nutrients. I use General Hydronics nutrients and get great results with my plants, which lately has been a lot of Northern Lights.. 

  3. Light is the most important part of the growing equation. 

    Honestly, if you really want to get the most monster yields, the thing you can do is get the best possibly light setup you can afford. 

    Questions about lights? You're in luck because over the next few weeks we'll be sharing guidance on choosing the best lights for your budget!

  4. Proper airflow prevents a host of problems. 

    One of the more common grow room ailments is known as "White Powdery Mold". 

    It actually looks like someone may have accidentally dropped some flour or other white powder on the leaves of your plant. 

    Easily remedied with SM-90 if caught early, a bad case of White Powdery Mold can ruin a whole crop if it's left to go out of control. It is NOT safe to consume or smoke cannabis buds that are covered in WPM. 

    But WPM is EASILY prevented 95% of the time by ensuring that you have great airflow around your plants and that things don't get too humid in the grow room, especially towards the end of flowering when your buds are getting thick and dense.

  5. The strain makes a HUGE difference of your results.

    It's often worth it to get the particular strains that best fit your needs (that being said, some of the most awesome buds I've ever grown have been bagseed). 

    If you buy a seed of "Northern Lights" strain, it will grow very similarly to pretty much every other true "Northern Lights" seed. 

    They tend to grow fast, ready to harvest only 2-3 months after the beginning of the flowering stage. It's consistent because this strain has been refined and perfected over several years. 

    However, Northern Lights seeds will grow WILDLY different from a Super Lemon Haze seed, for example. 

    Haze seeds grow long and leggy, and take several months to mature before they're ready for harvest. 

    When you're starting out, if you have a lot of room to grow and if it's not what you're banking your whole grow on, bagseed can be a fun experiment. 

    But if you're very serious about growing and getting a good crop, or if you have very limited space and time constraints, I highly recommend investing in a proven strain (honestly Northern Lights is one of the best strains for beginners, and will give you POTENT buds)

  6. For truly killer buds, wait until the right time to harvest your weed, and take the time to properly dry and cure them

    After months of waiting, it's easy to jump the gun and harvest your plants too early. It's also easy to get caught up with life and neglect your newly harvested buds during the curing process.

    I've created a complete guide to harvesting, drying and curing your weed but here's the long and short of it: 

    Wait until the buds on your plants stop growing new white "hairs" (pistils). At this point you still have 2-4 weeks left. When 90% of the remaining pistils have darkened and started curling in, your buds should be fat and ready for harvest.

  7. Just because someone says something is true in the grow forums, it doesn't means that they actually know what they're talking about.

    I remember hearing some people say "Oh you can't do this, or if you do that it will kill your plants." 

    And they were DEAD WRONG. 

    So take things said in the forums with a grain of salt. In fact, I encourage you to question everything you hear about growing on the internet, even from me :)

    It's also true that some of the best growers are hiding out online or in growing forums, if you just know how to find them. 

    The key is being about how to spot a good grower who will be able to help you and show you the ropes. 

    Here are a few tips to spotting a helpful online growing:
    - they have lots of pictures and lots of activity on their profile
    - they are relatively nice to people
    - their pictures go back a long time
    - they have pictures of live plants that are ready for harvest
    - they have pictures of their dried and curing buds


I hope that helps you as much as it would have helped me when I started growing!

If you haven't started growing marijuana yet, today is the day!

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