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Need help diagnosing sick plants?

We're looking for pictures to help expand the 'Problems and Symptoms' area of the site! If you have plants that may be having problems, send us some pics! We'll identify your problem for you, point you in the right direction, and in turn we keep the pics strictly for use on the site as examples and such. Your pics could help save another growers plants. Everyone wins!

Diagnose Your Sick Plant! shut down, back with a vengeance!

Important Announcement: was shut down for almost two months, but we are back up with a renewed vengeance to get this information into as many people's hands as possible.

The site was shut down on Nov 20, 2011 and we battled to get it back up, today Jan 14, 2012.

We have some really big plans for this website and a really cool surprise coming soon!


I added more info about grow lights and light periods

I have been listening to all the suggestions coming in about the site. I see that many of you had questions about grow lights and light periods. I made a new page all about what you need to know about growing cannabis and light periods.

I've also linked to this page from the tutorials where people were asking for more light info.

Grow Lights Page has been completely updated and revamped

We've completely revamped the medical marijuana grow lights page so you have more information, more pictures, and can easily find exactly what you're looking for.

View past newsletter issues

Now you can view some of our most popular past newsletter issues!

In addition, we are adding content to the website every week. Use the feedback form on the sidebar of every page to tell us what you'd like to see next!

Added more Frequently Asked Questions

I added more FAQs in our common grow question area. Hope it helps someone!

New Feedback option at the bottom and side of all pages

Now you can easily leave feedback at the bottom or the side of any page on the website. We are hoping that we can use this feedback to improve the pages that you use the most!

HPS Grow lights

I took down the general grow lights page and put up the Cannabis HPS grow lights page instead. I plan on adding more pages soon for other types of lights including MH, LEDs, Florescent lighting, etc.


Get Extra Growing Help

Check out our new growing community forum and ask questions about your cannabis plants!