Chlorine Toxicity

Problem: If your plant is getting too much chlorine, you may notice that the tips of the leaves start burning and leaves may actually start splitting. The leaves will be smaller and your plant just won't be growing as fast as you'd expect.

Solution: A level of chlorine that is less than 140 ppm(parts per million) won't kill most plants. At concentrations of chlorine above 20 ppm, you may notice a little bit of leaf tip burn in sensitive plants which should not affect plant growth if it stays localized to just the tips. Most people's tap water, while it may contain chlorine, usually doesn't have enough to hurt the plants. In tap water, it is usually other minerals that you need to worry about. If you are using tap water to water your plants, and are concerned that there may be too much chlorine, you may find it helpful to leave the water out for a day or so before feeding your plants as much of the chlorine will actually evaporate out into the air out of the water. You can also use purified water or a water filter if chlorine is a concern.

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