Class Registration is Currently Closed

Dear Growers,

Registration for our online course + comprehensive support plan is now closed and the students are currently growing their beautiful plants 🙂 We expect to open registration for the next group of students in Summer 2020. Sign up below to get contacted when spots open!


Get Notified When Registration Opens (plus get free growing tips every Sunday)!

This course + comprehensive support plan (including unlimited consulting and questions answered) is for you if you want to start growing your own cannabis but don’t know what to do.

It is also designed with an “advanced” track if you already have growing experience and want to improve your grow skills by getting feedback from a professional grower. The number of spots is very limited as we can only provide individual support to so many growers.

Grow buds like this

Cannabis cola grown from seed to harvest under a 315 LEC grow light

Example of a marijuana cola that was grown under a 315 CMH grow light

You deserve to hold homegrown buds in your hands!

Holding a big bud in front of the rest of the cannabis harvest

Please leave your email address below to get emailed when registration opens!

Happy growing,
Nebula Haze


Get Notified When Registration Opens (plus get free growing tips every Sunday)!


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