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How do I transplant a marijuana plant?

You  may need to transplant your marijuana plant for a variety of reasons. If you know your plant is getting too big for its bot, it's best to try to transplant it right away. If possible, you want to complete any transplant before your plant reaches the flowering stage to try to reduce the total amount of stress caused by the transplant.

You may also have to transplant your plant if it is 'root-bound.' This means that the plants roots have out-grown their current container. When a plant is root-down, it may display a host of seemingly random symptoms though the main symptom is slow growth.

The four main things to remember when transplanting your plant are:

  1. Don't water plant for 1-2 days before transplant
  2. Try to avoid disturbing the roots as much as possible during transplant
  3. Water plant right away after transplant with half-strength nutrients
  4. Make sure your plant is exposed to less intense light than usual for the day or two following the transplant

If you follow all these steps, you may notice that your plant doesn't show any signs of stress at all!