How to Increase “DLI” for Bigger Yields (Daily Light Integral Tips)

by Nebula Haze

What is “DLI” (daily light integral) and how can you increase it for bigger yields?

DLI describes how much light in the PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) range is delivered within a 24 hour period.

DLI describes how much light your plant can use each day

LEC grow lights should be kept 18 inches from cannabis plants

Basically, DLI is how much light is a plant gets on a daily basis, but only counting the light that a plant can use for photosynthesis.

Why is DLI important to you as a grower?

Because increasing your DLI is an effective way to increase yields. A higher DLI drives plants to produce big buds in the flowering stage. To a point, of course, too much light can harm yields.

How do you increase DLI?

Either by giving plants more intense light, or giving them more hours of light a day. Most growers know all about increasing light levels, but what about hours of light a day?

This is where strain comes in. Some strains readily flower in 13 or even 14 hours of light a day. That extra daily light can increase bud size because the plant simply has more energy at its disposal.

The other main option is to grow an autoflowering strain. Able to flower under 18-24 hours of light a day, it’s hard to beat how fast autoflowering buds grow. The increased DLI is the main reason they can yield as well as photoperiod strains in less time.

What strains should you look for if you want to increase the number of light hours each day?

  • Indica-leaning plants and hybrids typically can handle shorter nights
  • Sativa, haze, and strain from the equator typically need 12+ hours a night to consistently flower

Strain Suggestions

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