How to Make Cannabis Extracts & Edibles

Check out the articles on about making various forms of cannabis extracts. Smoking isn’t the only way to ingest your weed!

Edibles – Eat Your Cannabinoids like THC and CBD!

We want all the potency in our pot brownies, without the cannabis taste!

The best cannabis brownies start with an amazing pot brownie recipe!

Extracts (No Solvents Used in Any Recipe) – Get concentrated cannabis!

Extracts (Using a Solvent)

The results of making dry ice hash out of an ounce of cannabis

An animation showing dry-ice hash being collected in a first person view

A closeup of the Bubble Hash we made

Close-up on some 73 bubble hash

A closeup of Dry-Ice Hash from the same starting cannabis matter. You can actually see the individual trichomes!

A closeup of some 73 dry-ice hash

Pure Cannabis Hash Oil can be eaten or smoked

Edible cannabis oil in a blunt-tipped syringe. Ready to be stored in the fridge (must be warmed up to dispense)




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