Where in the World is Cannabis Legal to Grow?

Updated Sep 05, 2020

Where is it legal for you to grow cannabis? Who can grow weed? Get the laws about medical marijuana for your country and/or state, as well as laws about recreational cannabis. We’ll be adding to this list as more places legalize marijuana cultivation.

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Canada passed Bill C-45, or the Cannabis Act, which legalized personal use and cultivation of cannabis for all adults! Storefronts opened on October 17, 2018. The bill makes marijuana legal but lets each province set age limits (typically between 18-21) and other restrictions, including whether cannabis can be legally sold in retail stores.

  • The federal law allows adults to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household.

Learn more about cannabis legalization in Canada (Government of Canada Website)

Cannabis Canadian Flag - Did you know that growing up to 4 cannabis per household is legal in Canada for adults?


South Africa

The highest court in South Africa ruled in September 2018 that is legal for adult citizens over the age of 18 to use, possess and cultivate cannabis, as long as everything is private and the cannabis is used for personal consumption. As of yet, there are no clear rules about what counts as private, though the court gave the government 24 months to fix South Africa’s laws to comply with the ruling. At this time, it’s up to police discretion to determine whether someone’s plants are being grown privately or not. Although cultivation has been declared legal, there are no set rules about plant limits, and it’s recommended to only grow as much as you can personally use yourself. It is still illegal to sell cannabis.

Read more on the NORML website



United States (USA)

While cannabis is illegal at the federal level in the USA, many states have enacted various levels of legalization. It is extremely rare for individual people to be targeted by federal law enforcement if they are legal in their own state, however IT IS POSSIBLE.

I highly recommend the Marijuana Moment newsletter to stay up to date with the latest legalization news in the United States. NORML is another great source of current news about U.S. cannabis legalization.

WARNING: LAWS CHANGE. Click the state link for more information about what’s currently going on in your state.

Here are laws for home cannabis cultivation in the United States:

Cannabis is Legal for Adults & Growing is Legal

  1. Alaska – Adults (21+) may grow up to six (6) marijuana plants (no more than three mature) for non-commercial purposes. Plants must be hidden from public view. You may possess up to 1 ounce, and gift up to 1 ounce. You may use, display or possess up to 4 ounces if it’s for personal use and is only used inside your private residence. Please note, possession of more than 4 ounces in your home is still a felony. Alaska has legalized medical marijuana, but the restrictions for patients aren’t any less strict.  Learn more.
  2. California – Proposition 64 permits adults over 21 years of age to legally grow up to six (6) plants, including all of the harvest from those plants. California also has legalized medical marijuana, and patients with a doctor’s recommendation have no specific cultivation limits under state law, though check for any local ordinances (note: local ordinances are not allowed to reduce plant limits below six mature or 12 immature cannabis plants plus eight ounces of dried cannabis per patient). If you believe you are eligible for a recommendation, you might want to get one so that you don’t have to worry about plant limits. You also pay significantly lower taxes when purchasing legal weed if you have a medical recommendation. They’re incredibly easy to get now that weed is legal for all adults, so search for “medical recommendation california” into google to get one). Learn more about California’s laws.
  3. Colorado – For adults who are at least 21 years old, there is no penalty in Colorado for persons who privately cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants, with no more than 3 being mature. Colorado also has medical marijuana laws that allow for home cultivation, but the plant restrictions are basically the same. Learn more.
  4. Maine – An adult may cultivate up to 3 flowering marijuana plants, 12 immature plants and unlimited seedlings. An adult may possess all the marijuana that was produced by the plants. Otherwise, adults can possess up to 2.5 oz. Marijuana must be consumed on private property or in a private residence. Maine has legalized medical marijuana, and patients may possess up to 6 mature plants. Learn more.
  5. Massachusetts – An adult may grow six (6) marijuana plants at the adult’s primary residence with a limit of a total of twelve (12) plants at the residence. Plants must be hidden from public view. Learn more.
  6. Michigan – An adult may grow up to 12 marijuana plants at the adult’s residence for personal use. Plants must not be visible to public view. Learn more.
  7. Nevada – Question 2 permits adults who are not participating in the state’s medical cannabis program to legally grow up to six marijuana plants, and to possess all of the harvest from those plants, if they reside 25 miles or more away from an operating marijuana retailer. No residence may have more than 12 plants at any one time. However, there doesn’t seem to be any sign that the Nevada government is taking that vote seriously. Medical cannabis patients in Nevada can cultivate up to 12 mature plants, though there are some limits if the patient resides within 25 miles of an operating dispensary. Learn more.
  8. Oregon – There is no fine or penalty for the cultivation of up to 4 plants grown at home. Medical patients can grow up to six mature plants and 18 immature seedlings. Learn more.
  9. Washington, DC (District of Columbia) – Adults 21 and older may cultivate up to six marijuana plants (no more than three mature at any one time) in their primary residence without penalty. Small amounts can be gifted if not for profit. Learn more.
  10. Vermont – As of July 1, 2018, adult cultivation in private of up to six marijuana plants (two mature and up to four immature) is no longer punishable by a criminal or civil penalty. You may possess all the marijuana that you grow. Medical patients in Vermont can grow up to nine plants, but still only two may be mature. Learn more.

Cannabis is Legal for Adults (But Growing is Not Allowed)

  1. Washington – While it is legal to purchase and use cannabis in Washington state, cultivation for either personal use or distribution is a class C felony punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment and/or a fine up to $10,000. An additional mandatory fine of $1,000 applies to first offenses and $2,000 to second or subsequent offenses. There are exceptions for medical marijuana patients, who may cultivate up to 6 plants at home and possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana they grew themselves. Learn more.

Growing is Legal for Medical Marijuana Patients

  1. Arizona – Cultivation is allowed for medical marijuana patients if the residence is further than 25 miles from a state-licensed dispensary facility. No more than twelve marijuana plants in an “enclosed, locked facility.” Additionally, either the patient or the patient’s caregiver must get approval from the state before they start growing. Learn more.
  2. Hawaii –  No more than seven marijuana plants, whether immature or mature. Learn more.
  3. Illinois – Medical marijuana patients may grow up to 5 plants for personal use. Illinois also legalized cannabis for all adults 21+. Under the new law, adults who grow less than 5 plants for personal use will receive a violation with a $200 fine. Learn more.
  4. Missouri – Up to six flowering plants. Qualifying patients must obtain an identification card from the Department of Health. Cultivation must take place in a “closed, locked facility.” Learn more.
  5. Montana –  A registered cardholder who has not named a provider may possess up to 4 mature plants, 4 seedlings, and the amount of usable marijuana allowed by the department by rule. If two or more registered cardholders share a residence and have not named providers, the cardholders may have a maximum of 8 mature plants, 8 seedlings, and the amount of usable marijuana allowed by the department by rule. Learn more.
  6. New Mexico – 16 plants (four mature, 12 immature). Learn more.
  7. Oklahoma – Up to 6 mature marijuana plants and up to 6 seedling plants. Learn more.
  8. Rhode Island – Up to 12 plants and 12 seedlings. All marijuana must be cultivated in one location. Must be stored in an indoor facility. Learn more.
  9. Virgin Islands – Specified patients may grow up to 12 plants. Learn more.

Medical Marijuana is Legal (but home growing is not)

  1. Arkansas
  2. Connecticut
  3. Delaware
  4. Florida
  5. Louisiana
  6. Maryland
  7. Minnesota
  8. New Hampshire
  9. New Jersey
  10. New York
  11. North Dakota
  12. Ohio
  13. Pennsylvania
  14. Puerto Rico
  15. West Virginia
  16. Utah

No Significant Legalization

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Idaho
  4. Indiana
  5. Iowa
  6. Kansas
  7. Kentucky
  8. Mississippi
  9. Nebraska
  10. North Carolina
  11. South Carolina
  12. South Dakota
  13. Tennessee
  14. Texas
  15. Virginia
  16. Wisconsin
  17. Wyoming




In December 2013, Uruguay became the first federal government in the world to legalize cannabis for adults (recreational weed) in the modern era.

  • Cultivation of up to six plants at home is allowed.

Learn more about cannabis laws in Uruguay on Wikipedia (Not official)








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