How to Never Run Out of Weed

by Sirius Fourside

You and I most likely share this opinion: Growing your own marijuana is the best way to obtain it!

But what happens when you’re growing your own medicine and you run out? You probably know how aggravating that is, but I’ll sum it up with this: No one likes running out of medicine.

In the interest of breaking that cycle, we’re going to show you how to NOT run out of your medicine.

By using a few of these simple tactics, you can ensure that you have a steady supply of cannabis all year, every year.

Know How Much Cannabis You Want

There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, or high or low answer for this, so as long as you're taking care of what you need to, don’t worry about how much cannabis you want. Rather, you're figuring out how much you want so you know how much you need to grow to stay in steady supply.

Know how much you use!

Once you know this information, you can come up with a good estimate of how much you’d need to bring in each harvest to keep your coffers full. For example:

  1. If you typically use .5 ounces of cannabis every month, you know that you would need to harvest a minimum of 6 ounces of weed every year. (.5oz x 12 months = 6oz per year)
  2. If you typically complete 2 grows per year, you know that you would need to harvest a minimum of 3 ounces of weed per grow. (6oz / 2 grows = 3oz per grow)
  3. So, the amount you need to harvest per in oz =
    ((The amount you use per month) x 12) / (The amount of grows you complete per year). Using the examples above, you would get (.5 x 12)/2 = 3(oz per harvest needed to never run out)

This information will help to keep you from putting too much/little time and effort into a grow. For the example above, this person could have more cannabis than they need all year with a small grow tent and a cheap T5 grow light or low wattage HPS.

Use High-Efficiency Growing Techniques

There are several techniques cunning growers can use to drastically increase the amount of marijuana harvested from plants. I won’t go into the detail of each one here, but I would definitely recommend checking out our links for more information.

  • LST (Low Stress Training) – Bend your plants branches to get more light to each bud site. Buds that are exposed to direct light develop faster and increase your yields.
  • FIM’ing & Topping – These techniques force your plant to grow multiple colas (main stems covered with bud sites). More colas mean more sticky buds for you! 
  • Manifolding – An advanced version of topping. This form of training helps you create a 'manifold' which forces your plant to grow in a much more orderly and efficient manner. (Advanced!)
  • Defoliation – This is an advanced technique that involves removing certain leaves from your plant to control growth and boost bud production in the flowering stage.
  • Super Cropping – Super Cropping is a 'High Stress Training Technique' that involves planned breaks in branches. This done to get the plant to open up larger pathways in the branches as a natural reaction.

Since I’ve been employing these five techniques in particular, I’ve more than doubled the amount that I harvest while only barely increasing the amount of time I spend tending to my plants. While I’m sure you’ll find all the tips in this article useful, the high-efficiency growth techniques are the biggest reason I don’t run out of medicine.


Separate Vegetative and Flowering Areas

Having separate areas for vegetating and flowering plants might not be practical for everyone, but it gives a huge advantage in that it allows a grower to start a second set of plants while the first set is still flowering. Vegetating marijuana is the most forgiving, so your vegetative area can be much smaller with a much weaker light than you use to flower.

With careful planning, you can time it so that you’re putting new plants into the flowering stage at the same time you’re harvesting the plants that just finished flowering.

Not only is this super efficient, but it eliminates the empty-tent time in between grows which is when your medicine seems to disappear the fastest.

There are even more advanced methods where you can use separate vegetative/flowering areas to have a ‘perpetual harvest’. Keep in mind that the perpetual harvest method is a bit advanced, and many people don’t need the amount of weed it provides, not to mention the planning it requires.

If having separate vegetating and flowering areas isn’t within your means though, don’t worry. You can still get a degree of that efficiency with…

Back to Back Grows

If you’re serious about not running out of cannabis, this has to be a common practice. Back to back grows will ensure that you always have medicine growing, so even if all you loose all of your buds for some reason (it has definitely happened), you already have new ones that are already developing.

Another benefit of back to back grows: Practice! When you do back to back grows, not only do you keep your weed supply high, but you get better and better at making your cannabis more potent, healthy, and bulky. In time, growers can get so good from this that they don’t even need to do back to back grows anymore!

This leads to the last tip for today, which may seem like common knowledge…

Keep Seeds/Clones On Hand At All Times!

Most of the tips in this list are about making things more efficient; they’re about shaving time off of things you end up doing anyway. This one, however, is about prevention.

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just finished a successful grow, and you’re preparing for the next one. You vacuum and clean your grow area, get the lights adjusted, and get the growing mediums ready. You double check everything…and it looks perfect! It’s time to begin an amazing grow…except…wait…you have nothing to grow!

That was me. I paid for the venue, got the lights and stage ready, sold out all the seats, and forgot to invite the band!

Now I always keep extra seeds on hand, and I plan what strains I’m growing next. But a problem like this can set your next grow back by weeks, like it did to mine! And even when that wait is over, you still have to begin the next grow!

So just remember the lesson I had to learn the hard way, and consider seeds/clones as the first thing on your list since they take the longest to obtain and can set your plans back by a month or more!

In the end, we could really boil all these tips down to: Grow smart, and never stop growing. As long as you always have some plants growing, you’re working towards filling your weed coffers in multiple ways: harvesting your own weed, getting smarter about growing, and getting better at the actual task of growing it.



Start With A High-Yielding Strain!

While all the tips and tactics above will help you stay in steady supply, the genetics of your plant also play a huge role.

That's why growing a high-yielding strain can be one of the best ways to ensure you have top-notch bud all year long.

Here are some proven high-yielding strains that also produce top-quality buds:

Wonder Woman

Get your feminized Wonder Woman seeds by Nirvana today!

Forgiving skunk strain is extremely easy to grow, responds well to FIMing/topping/LST/ training methods. Fat buds produce an uplifting effect. She takes a little bit longer to finish flowering (2-3 months), but she makes up for it with huge yields.

Order Wonder Woman today!

Aurora Indica

Order feminized Aurora Indica seeds by Nirvana today!

Another strain that is easy to grow and responds well to training and especially supercropping. Tends to like lower levels of nutrients compared to many other strains. Aurora Indica produces dense indica buds. Harvest quickly, around 9 weeks for a complete couchlock effect.

Order Aurora Indica today!


Order BlackJack seeds by Nirvana today!

Medical-grade buds and big yields are two of the trademarks of this strain. A bit tougher to grow, she needs you to tend to her but she will reward you for your patience with a sea of trichome-encrusted colas and buds that offer a depression-busting high.

Order BlackJack today!

Raspberry Cough

Order Raspberry Cough by Nirvana today!

Potent yet calming sativa high, spicy Thai flavor with hints of berry, and produces fat buds that stack on top of each other on thick colas. This strain smells less than many strains while growing, but the odor tends to increase after drying/curing while taking on fruity accests. If growing indoors, you will need to train this plant with LST to prevent her from growing too tall.

Order Raspberry Cough today!

Super Skunk

Get feminized Super Skunk seeds by Nirvana today!

Slightly skunky smell that brings back the 80s, potent buds, and high yields. She prefers a lower amount of nutrients, especially in the last month of flower. You'll see increased yields by preventing nutrient burn and flushing with plain water for 2-3 weeks before harvest. As the leaves start yellowing and dying away, the buds will fatten up massively.

Order Super Skunk Today!





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