Best Mold-Resistant Cannabis Strains

Updated Aug 22, 2021

by Nebula Haze

We’ve written quite a bit about how mold can affect your cannabis, but we thought it might be helpful to provide a list of some mold-resistant strains!

No more mold or bud rot!

No more mold or bud rot for your cannabis plants!

List of Mold-Resistant Cannabis Strains

Strains for Indoors

Although nothing can fix bad growing practices, some strains are more resilient towards mold than others. If you’re growing in a smaller space, or if you live in a part of the world that gets very humid, it can’t hurt to get a more mold-resistant strain!

Here are some strains that are mold-resistant and suitable to being grown indoors:

  • Moby Dick – Easy to grow, mold-resistant, potent. Smells a bit like peppermint but has also been described as having an old-school skunky flavor similar to popular sativa buds from the early 90’s. Great yields, too!

Moby Dick cannabis cola - although buds get huge and dense, they've very mold resistant!

  • Sweet Tooth -This strain is a personal favorite. It has a sweet flavor/taste that is reminiscent of chocolate, and the effects are powerful. As a bonus, it is mold-resistant from its Hawaiian roots

The cannabis strain known as Sweet Tooth is becoming increasingly popular!

  • Glookies strain is resistant to mold and poor environmental conditions. This one survived heat and high humidity to produce great yields with strong bud effects.

Other popular indoor mold-resistant strains:

Strains For Outdoors

Although definitely not foolproof, it can’t hurt to get a more mold-resistant strain if you live in a humid environment, or if you’re an outdoor grower who gets cool wet conditions early in the fall!

Here are some strains that are mold-resistant and suitable to being grown outdoors:

  • Blue Venom – A G13 Labs strain that is resistant to mold and produces beautiful bud quality.

  • Holland’s Hope – Designed specifically for outdoor growing (and not really suited to indoors), this strain is ready to harvest in late September or early October in the northern hemisphere. This strain has been bred for bud appearance, potency, yields, and overall weather resistance. Plants get 3-7 feet tall on average and produce a “knock-down” and “euphoric stone” effect that’s been honed for over three decades, with unique effects that are difficult to find with indoor strains. The buds are very mold-resistant and tend to get very fat. Buds often take on purple hues as they approach harvest.

An outdoor "Holland's Hope" cannabis plant in the vegetative stage. This strain thrives outdoors!

  • Frisian Dew – A popular strain because about half of the plants grow buds that turn an incredible, vibrant purple (the other half of plants grow green buds but still beautiful and the effects are just as good). This strain tends to grow the highest percentage of purple buds if plants in the flowering stage are exposed to very sunny weather with many hours of direct sunlight each day, as well as if plants also get cool temperatures at night. This strain is very well suited to outdoor growing, even in northern climates, and is especially resistant to mold.

A Frisian Dew cannabis plant - all the buds have turned vibrant purple!

The plant in the middle with the dark purple buds is Frisian Dew

Example of an outdoor Frisian Dew cannabis plant with dark purple buds

  • Bigfoot Glue – This citrus sour-smelling strain grows well outdoors, and is not only mold resistant but produces good yields, too.

Silhouette of cannabis plants growing outside

Other popular outdoor mold-resistant strains:

Mold-Resistant Auto-Flowering Strains

The following auto-flowering strains are specifically listed as being mold-resistant. Learn more about autoflowering strains (auto-flowering plants automatically go from germination to harvest in 2-3 months).

Purple Punch Auto by Barney’s Farm performs well outdoors and produces beautiful purple buds



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