Get Answers to Common Growing Questions!

Teach Me the Basics of Growing Cannabis

Prepare Grow Space

  1. Get seeds:
  2. Get soil or coco (or hydroponic setup):
  3. Ensure fresh air:
  4. Give bright light for 18-24 hours/day:
  5. Keep the temperature 70-85°F (20-30°C):

Basic Care (Vegetative Stage)

  1. Germinate seeds:
  2. Give water regularly. Tips on watering:
  3. Provide nutrients:
  4. Plant will grow. Learn more about vegetative stage:
  5. Before next stage, wait until plant is half the final size you want:

Plants Make Buds (Flowering Stage)

  1. Put grow lights on 12/12 light schedule (12 hours darkness each day):
  2. Don’t let plants get light during their dark period:
  3. Buds will form and start fattening over time:
  4. Wait until buds are ready to harvest (most visible sign is when white hairs have darkened and curled in): 

Harvest, Dry and Cure Buds

  1. Harvest plant by cutting off branches and hanging them upside down to dry:
  2. Wait until outside of buds feel dry and the small stems snap (4-10 days):
  3. Trim buds and put in jars:
  4. Burp jars daily and wait 2 weeks before smoking for best results

Complete guide to the basics:

Get help with common plant problems:

Cannabis plants in the vegetative stage under a 315 CMH grow light

Where can I safely get seeds?

You can buy seeds online and get them delivered almost anywhere in the world (including in Canada and all U.S. states)

Learn about seeds:

Example of viable cannabis seeds - even the pale one!

What nutrients should I use?

Not sure? Use Dyna-Gro nutrients (Foliage Pro in the vegetative stage, Bloom in the flowering stage) at half strength. This combo works great for growing marijuana in soil, coco coir, hydroponics, or pretty much any way you choose to grow.

Learn more about cannabis nutrients:

Use “Foliage Pro” in the vegetative stage and “Bloom” in the flowering stage.

Dyna-Gro "Foliage-Pro" is a proven cannabis nutrient option for the vegetative stage  Dyna-Gro "Bloom" is a proven cannabis nutrient option for the flowering stage


7 Tips to Growing Top-Shelf Buds

  1. Start with Top-Shelf Genetics – get the effects and appearance you want! Your grow skill makes a huge difference, but a plant can’t overcome its genes! If you want buds that are potent, dense, sparkly or purple/pink, you need the right genetics.
  2. Give Your Cannabis Lots of Light! – this increases yields, density and potency
  3. Nutrients & Supplements – learn about smell enhancers, bloom boosters and bulk builders!
  4. Better Taste, Better Smell – learn other techniques to increase terpene content so buds taste and smell better
  5. Manipulate Temperature & Humidity in the flowering stage to increase resin production (“glitter” and stickiness), bring out colors like pink or purple & prevent smells from burning away
  6. Great Air Flow Around Every Cola – you can gain surprising increases in the size and density of your buds by making sure that every cola gets lots of direct light and good air flow from the beginning to the end of the flowering stage. Cannabis is wind-pollinated in the wild and so more energy is put into buds that have been exposed to a breeze from when they first started forming.
  7. Master the Basics of Growing – especially harvestingtrimming and drying/curing! Although a lot of growers don’t pay as much attention to what happens to plants after harvest as during the grow itself, these 3 post-harvest factors determine almost 50% of your final bud appearance. Properly drying/curing also intensifies smell and increases bud potency!

Check out the full tutorial:

Help Me With Problems & Deficiencies

See pictures of sick plants and get help for common cannabis plant problems.

Visit the Plant Doctor:

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