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Your Common Growing Questions Answered:

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P.S. Download your 3-page [PDF] Stealth Grower’s Cheat Sheet! (If you’d rather not download a PDF, click here to download the Cheat Sheet as a picture!)


Ready to learn how to grow weed?

Sick of cryptic “grow weed guides” that seem like they’re written in another language?

If so, I hope you’ll love this simple cheat sheet about growing marijuana indoors with CFLs in coco coir. This simple guide breaks down everything you need to know about growing, and describes a grow method that virtually guarantees your success.

You’ll learn how to take care of your marijuana plants in only minutes a day using easy-to-find items (most of which can be found at home depot or the local gardening store).

Plus, if you follow this guide, it will cost you less than $300 to get started growing weed today.

Four months from now, you could be harvesting your first pound of weed, just follow this guide!

And don’t forget to read the complete step-by-step tutorial!

Download a bonus CFL & Coco Stealth Grower’s
Cheat Sheet to Growing Weed right now!

(Having trouble? Click here to download the Cheat Sheet as a picture!)

Download the marijuana grower's cheat sheet Download the stealth grower's cheat sheet to growing weed


~Nebula and Sirius

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