About GrowWeedEasy.com

GrowWeedEasy.com was founded in April 2010 by Nebula Haze as an online cannabis cultivation resource. Sirius Fourside came on board a few months later.

We wanted to provide a complete growing cannabis resource with no login or account required, and instead just provide easy-to-access growing information for the world. That's how GrowWeedEasy.com was born! 

We are slowly building this website into a comprehensive growing cannabis wiki, one article at a time. ​If you are a grower who would like to contribute your own growing articles, or if you have feedback about our website or newsletter, please contact us.

  • GrowWeedEasy.com is freely available to anyone who wants to grow cannabis. You don't need to provide any personal information or create an account to access our free growing information and tutorials.

  • GrowWeedEasy.com is updated at least weekly with new articles and tutorials.

  • We encourage you to sign up for our free weekly newsletter (delivered every Sunday morning) to get new articles delivered to your inbox.

  • If you want to chat with other growers or ask questions, we'd love to see you in our free growing community!


Meet the GrowWeedEasy.com

Creators Below!


These expert growers contribute their time, research and experience to bring you this website for free. Happy Growing! 

Nebula Haze

Nebula started cultivating cannabis when she first got a doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana, and has continued to grow ever since. Nebula has published hundreds of articles about cannabis cultivation, both online and in print.

"I started growing cannabis as a way to save money as well as get a safe, reliable source of medicine. Growing is easy once you get started, but I realize not everyone has the time to do tons of research. My goal is to share the easiest and most productive growing techniques on GrowWeedEasy.com. I encourage you to share the knowledge – if we work work together we can bring more bud in the world for everyone!"

Nebula Haze was featured for her easy and cheap hydroponic growing marijuana tutorial in Skunk Magazine (click for closeup)Nebula Haze from Grow Weed Easy.com is dedicated to showing others how easy growing weed can be when you have the right info (click fo closeup)Nebula Haze posing with a young White Widow girl (click for closeup)



Sirius Fourside

Sirius Fourside

Sirius is a hobbyist grower who has gained the bulk of his experience growing in water as a medium (deep water culture, bubbleponics).

"Growing cannabis is a relaxing hobby in and of itself, but it also helps save you money in addition to keeping you from having to deal with shady characters. Cannabis is much easier to grow than people give it credit for, and growing in water doesn't increase the difficulty much, if any. But whether you want to grow in water, perlite, or a different medium, we'll show you how easy it can be!"


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