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GrowWeedEasy.com is based out of San Diego, California and was founded in 2010 by growers Nebula Haze and Sirius Fourside.

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We created it to be an online cannabis cultivation resource to teach beginners how to grow cannabis at home. Using our combined 21 years of growing experience, we’ve reached over 32 million readers on the website and helped thousands of growers through personalized coaching and consulting. Articles from GrowWeedEasy.com have been published in print and online, and the website has been featured on Business Insider and in Skunk Magazine.

GrowWeedEasy.com is a complete growing cannabis resource with no login or account required. We believe it’s crucially important to give new and experienced growers easy access to both basic and advanced growing information. We know that growing your own cannabis gives you the power to get as much top-quality weed as you want, the way you want, and it’s almost free besides the cost of supplies and electricity. For medical marijuana patients, growing may be the only way for them to afford the amount of cannabis needed to get relief.

The website is continually being updated to create a comprehensive growing cannabis wiki full of tutorials, pictures, videos, hints, tips, secrets and more! If you are a grower who would like to contribute your own growing articles, or if you have feedback or corrections about our website or newsletter, please contact us.

  • GrowWeedEasy.com is freely available to anyone who wants to grow cannabis.
  • You don’t need to provide any personal information or create an account to access our free growing information and tutorials.
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  • If you want to chat with other growers or ask questions, we’d love to see you in our free growing community!

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Meet the GrowWeedEasy.com Creators Below!

These expert growers contribute their time, research and experience to bring you this website for free. Happy Growing! 

Nebula Haze

Co-founder, growing consultant and author at GrowWeedEasy.com. Nebula draws from over a decade of home growing experience as well as consulting for small-scale and hobbyist-level growers. She has written hundreds of articles, thought pieces, and tutorials about growing cannabis at home. Her articles, tutorials, and interviews have been published in print and online and GrowWeedEasy.com has been featured on Business Insider and in Skunk Magazine.

Profile picture of Nebula Haze - co-founder of GrowWeedEasy.com

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Sirius Fourside

Sirius started growing in 2007 and has extensive experience in all types of grow styles including soil, coco and hydroponics. His focus is on experimenting with new trends and technology for home growers, such as testing new models of LED grow lights and exploring different methods of hydroponics, automated grow systems, and fully organic growing. Sirius is also the main developer for the site, the person who shoots and edits all the videos, and overall in charge of the technical side of things.

Sirius Fourside


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