How to Grow Sweet Smelling Buds

Updated Jul 16, 2021

by Nebula Haze

Example of a smelly, glittery cannabis bud with an amazing fragrance of sweet and berryWhen it comes to growing cannabis, there are lots of things that affect the total experience. Although the “potency” is definitely important, the smell and taste of buds also change how buds make you feel. Sometimes you smell a strain of cannabis and your brain yells,”Yes!”

There’s something about sweet-tasting cannabis that is just special and unique, and often these buds come with unique effects that you may not get from other buds!

So how do you grow a sweet-tasting strain? It’s actually pretty simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy!


1.) Get a Sweet Smelling Strain

Strain is the #1 thing you must pay attention to if you want to grow cannabis that actually smells sugary! See examples of some popular sweet-smelling strains!

There are many strains that smell fruity or sweet, but if you are growing a strain that naturally smells skunky, like diesel, etc, there’s not necessarily a whole lot you can do during the growing process (besides using specialized supplements) to make the buds smell differently than their genes intend.

The smell of your buds is heavily dependent on strain!

A bowl of sweet-smelling marijuana buds!

Learn more about researching strains!


2.) Sweetness-Boosting Supplements

Example of a thick, long cannabis cola that smells sweet because of the supplements that were usedThere are many supplements that may be able to help make buds smell and taste more sweet. Some of them are specialty items that need to be found in a hydro store or bought online, but there are also ingredients you may have around the home that can also increase sweetness.

When it comes to nutrients and supplements, you have several choices that can help improve the overall scent of your buds. In fact, many products have been formulated specifically to increase and enhance the smell of cannabis buds.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when it comes to nutrients and supplements…

Sugar Based Supplements

Many sugar or carbohydrate-based supplements claim to improve the smell/taste/sweetness of buds. A cheap alternative to expensive sugar-based bloom boosting supplements is blackstrap molasses. Giving this to your plants for the last few weeks before harvest can help them get bigger and smell/taste better.

It’s not specially made for plants; it’s the regular stuff you’ll find in your kitchen or at the grocery store). Blackstrap molasses adds sugars, amino acids and trace minerals. Unfortunately for hydro growers, anything organic like molasses is not suitable for a hydroponic reservoir! But molasses works great for soil and coco growers 🙂

For the last 2-3 weeks before harvest, give 1 tsp of Blackstrap Molasses per gallon when watering (for soil or coco coir)

Giving your cannabis plants a little bit of Blackstrap molasses for the last few weeks before harvest may improve both the taste/smell and density of your cannabis buds at harvest

Improve or Enhance Natural Bloom Processes

This group of supplements contains ingredients that are meant to help the plant do its job better. In addition to carbohydrates or sugar, these types of supplements also contain extracts from plant, marine, and mineral sources, as well as things like vitamins, amino acids, polyflavonoids, etc.

The jury is still out and which is the most effective supplement, but many growers are happy with bloom-promoting supplements that include sources of…

  • amino acids
  • humic acids
  • vitamins
  • trace minerals
  • often contain unlisted ingredients (including plant hormones)

I personally don’t use this type of supplement so I can’t recommend a particular one, but some of the most popular cannabis supplements based on this type of formula include…

Note: When possible, try to get all your nutrients and supplements from the same company. This greatly reduces the chance of getting unexpected reactions between the different products. Some companies don’t “play well” together.


Supplements that “add” a smell to buds

I’m really intrigued by Botanicare’s Sweet Carbo line. According to Botanicare:

The natural esters in Sweet are easily absorbed by the plant, but are not broken down further once deposited within the plant tissue. This means that as new flowers develop they will contain small amounts of these natural esters which contribute to the overall flavor and aroma of the finished product.

They offer flavors such as citrusberry, and “raw” (which is just a generally sweet smell). These should be used throughout the flowering stage to help build smell/flavor in the buds as they mature. However, since these contain a small but significant amount of magnesium, they should not be used while flushing during last 2-3 weeks before harvest. At this point, the smells have already been deposited into the buds. Another cool thing about these supplements is they contain amino acids and some other enhancers, so it’s kind of like getting a lot of different products at once.

The Botanicare Sweet Carbo line offers cannabis supplements to make buds smell like citrusberry, or “raw” (a generally sweet smell)


Other growers who’ve tried the “raw” version have said they can definitely notice an increase in the amount of “sweet” smell in their buds.

All these supplements have been developed specifically for enhancing plants like cannabis. Just be careful not to go overboard! And try to stick to the same company for all nutrients and supplements.

The more types of supplements you use, the bigger the chance you might end up burning or causing a nutrient lockout problem with your plants. If possible, always try to use all supplements and nutrients from the same nutrient company. This lessens the chance of unwanted interactions since the whole line is designed to work together. When in doubt, go for an established nutrient company that has been around for years over one that has just appeared recently.


3.) Always Flush Before Harvest

Always “flush” your buds before harvest if you’ve been using liquid or powder nutrients during the flowering stage.

The idea behind flushing before harvest is to give the plants some amount of time without any added nutrients in the days or weeks leading up to harvest. This allows the plant to “use up” all the extra nutrients in both the soil and within the plant itself. This can help prevent a “chemical” or “minty” taste to buds!

Learn how to flush your buds

Watering a Sour Diesel plant


4.) Don’t Let Grow Space Get Hot After Buds Have Formed!

Don’t let the temperature get over 75-80°F in the flowering stage and keep the temperature under 75°F during the drying process to prevent your plants from losing smell due to heat!

5 Tips for Controlling Heat

Cannabis plants with crispy brown leaves after suffering from heat stress


5.) Proper Dry & Cure After Harvest

After waiting months to harvest your cannabis, it can be easy to skip the last step of preparing your buds after harvest, known as the “dry” and “cure” processes.

Read the drying and curing tutorial!

Don’t skip this step! The drying/curing process has a huge effect on the final taste, smell and overall smoothness of your cannabis buds!

The main idea is to dry buds slowly after harvest, and then keep them stored in jars for 2-4 weeks. This triggers natural processes that dramatically increase the overall smell and taste of your buds, and also makes buds actually feel more potent!

More tips on drying and curing!

Example of a cannabis buds curing in quart sized mason jars. From this picture you can assume the grower harvested about 6 ounces of bud.


6.) Keep Plants Healthy Throughout the Flowering Stage!

I know it can be lame to hear that something as simple as keeping your plant healthy will make a positive difference in your results. I’m sure you probably have already knew that!

But it’s important to understand what is happening week by week during the flowering stage so you can spot problems and fix them before they affect your harvest!

The main goal is to keep your plant green and healthy throughout most of the flowering stage. When leaves and buds get burned or otherwise damaged from nutrient deficiencies, heat stress and other problems, the overall smell and sweetness of your buds may suffer!

Flowering marijuana plants grown under a 315 CMH (LEC) grow light


Examples of Strains with Famous Smells

Some popular sweet-smelling strains include…

Pineapple Chunk (by Barneys Farm)

A lot of the time when someone says a strain smells like a fruit, they mean that you’ll get small hints of that smell in the undertones. With Pineapple Chunk the buds actually smell sweet, and some really do smell quite a bit like pineapple!

Although not the highest yielding, this strain produces buds that always get a surprising number of positive comments about the taste and smell, and the bud effects are very smooth.

Example of a Pineapple Chunk bud - delicate in appearance and smell :)

You will be able to start smelling the pineapple when the plant is still in the flowering stage, but the smell is most pronounced after the buds have been dried and cured.

Example of Pineapple Chunk cannabis tent growing in a tent - the buds really do smell like pineapple!

Super Lemon Haze (by Greenhouse Seeds)

Smells lemony, and certain plants will end up smelling just like a Lemonhead with a mix of citrus, sour and sweet. The potency is surprisingly strong, energetic and creative, perfect for daytime use. Doesn’t usually cause ‘couchlock’ so many people like this strain for daytime use.

Here is an example of a room full of Super Lemon Haze plants

Grow room full of Super Lemon Haze cannabis plants

…and a Super Lemon Haze cola

The cola of a Super Lemon Haze plant

Autoflowering Strains

Auto-flowering strains can be easier to grow in some ways, and both of these auto-flowering strains take less than 3 months from seed to you actually smoking bud!

View a grow journal that features both these auto-flowering strains!

Auto Critical Jack (by Dinafem) – This autoflowering strain smells sweet and fruity, perhaps almost tropical. Sometimes buds will smell more like lemon or citrus. It is also very potent for an auto-flowering strain.

Auto-flowering Critical Jack plant just before harvest

Blue AutoMazar (by Dutch Passion) – A cross between two autoflowering strains from breeder Dutch Passion, this strain is as much about taste and smell as it is about potency.

This autoflowering Blue Mazar plant by Dutch Passion had quite a bit of purple before harvest

Read a tutorial on how to grow auto-flowering plants exactly like these ones



Learn more about how to increase and improve the taste/smell of your buds!



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