Are auto-flowering seeds worth it?

Q: I screwed up and ordered autoflowering seeds, is it a waste of time? This is my first serious grow… and I ordered northern lights autoflower and short rider, which seems like its an autoflower.

A: While there's nothing wrong with auto-flowering strains, it's important to get the strain you want. If you just ordered today, try emailing/calling the seed bank and tell them what happened.

I've order the wrong seeds by accident before, with Nirvana Seeds, and I just asked them to switch. With Nirvana Seeds, it wasn't a problem.

If you've already got the seeds, they'll still grow and make buds for sure.

The cool thing about auto-flowering strains is you just give them 18 hours light and 6 hours dark the whole grow, instead of changing the lights to 12-12 halfway through the life cycle to induce flowering like with regular marijuana plants. 

The auto-flowering strains will stay pretty small, which could be good depending on what you're looking for. 

If these seeds are all you've got, it can't hurt to grow them and get a feel for growing. 

The plants should be ready for harvest in 2-3 months from seed. You can always order more seeds if things don't work out. 

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