Purple strains

Articles that have to do with cannabis strains that turn purple

by Nebula Haze Table of Contents 4 Different "Parts" That Can Turn Colors (Buds, Pistils, Leaves & Trichomes) How to Maximize Color & Genetics Start with Colorful Genetics (Most Important!) Choose Dark Colors ("Black" Strains) Warm Days & Cool Nights Strong, Direct Light PH at the Roots Examples of Colorful Strains Photoperiod (Regular) Strains Auto-Flowering Strains Colorful "Duck" Strains (Stealthy Leaves) Why Do...
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by Nebula Haze Question: Help! My cannabis plants are young (growing in soil indoors with sunlight and my leaves are medium sized) yet my main stems are turning purple from the top downwards. Have you seen this before? Answer: When a cannabis plant or seedling has a purple stem without any other signs of problems, it...
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