Unbelievable $50 DIY Greenhouse

In many parts of the world, the weather is getting cold way too early for outdoor cannabis growers! Outdoor growers are at the mercy of the weather, and it's important to keep plants warm enough (above freezing temps!) until harvest.

So what can you do if temps are dropping too early in the season? 

Make a greenhouse!

One of our readers showed us how he made a DIY greenhouse for under $50. I hope this stimulates some ideas and helps other outdoor cannabis growers keep their plants warm until harvest!

Outline of cannabis green house

A view of one side of the greenhouse

Green house connections between pipe and wood

Wood connection on greenhouse

See how the pipe gets connected to the wood base

Cannabis greenhouse - add wood frame for door

View of the bottom of the cannabis outdoor greenhouse

View of cheap greenhouse when it's about halfway done

Now time to add a door!

Another view of cheap cannabis greenhouse

Cheap homemade greenhouse door

Cover everything with a plastic tarp! 
(bubble wrap can be used instead if you need extra insulation, but it blocks more light)

Use plastic tarp to cover the greenhouse

Finished greenhouse with door open

Happy cannabis plants enjoying the warm temps inside the greenhouse

Happy cannabis plants inside DIY greenhouse

DIY cheap greenhouse make your cannabis plants happy, even in chilly temps!



Sometimes you just can't control the weather, and things don't go smoothly. But you do have choices! If you live in a cold climate with short summers and early winters, there are specific cannabis strains designed for you in mind.

Auto-flowering cannabis strains can be used to time your harvest almost to the day, so you can plan for your plants to be ready for harvest exactly when you want. Since autos are ready to harvest 2-3 months from seed, you simply plant them 3 months before your first frost, and they'll always be ready to harvest in time before winter.

Learn more about auto-flowering strains



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