50+ Fun Gift Ideas for Cannabis Growers 2019

by Nebula Haze

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Happy holidays! This page is full of gifts for your favorite weed enthusiast. There aren't any "gifts for him" or "gifts for her". These gifts appeal to everyone!The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and some of that stress can come from trying to pick out the best gifts for friends and family. If you know a self-proclaimed stoner, cannabis grower, or just the occasional weed enthusiast, you might want to get them a themed gift for the holidays, but what to get? I’ve given many presents over the years, and just in case it might help somebody else I made a list of some fun and interesting gift ideas for those who love growing cannabis.

Make sure to get a present for yourself, too! (At least that’s what I do to help get through the month of December every year!)

Unique Marijuana Gifts related to…


Wrapping Paper & Gift Bags

Before we start the actual list of gifts, I just wanted to show you some wrapping options. I’ve noticed if you have cool wrapping, it makes the present inside seem more special. I found some interesting weed-themed wrapping options that will really make your gift stand out compared to the rest.

If you want to go “full weed” with your present, then you can’t beat this gift bag!

I’ve always been a fan of gift bags because they’re so easy and quick compared to wrapping, but you can also make a statement. A grower will appreciate the details on this one.

I love how this gift bag shows an actual bud

For those adventurous enough to actually wrap their presents…

Weed-themed wrapping paper

More wrapping paper. this one has cannabis leaves, bongs, and pipes

This design for wrapping paper is only slightly more subtle. It looks like regular wrapping paper until you get close and read the words.

This wrapping paper has words like herb, kush, pot, etc.



Smoking or Vaping

If you’re buying gifts for someone who enjoys smoking or vaping, there’s lots of cool new tools and fun accessories they may not know about yet.

Want to impress someone? If you want to have a lot of “Wow Factor” with your gift, I recommend buying a few of these items along with a stash box so you can give it to them with goodies inside. And if possible, it never hurts to add some actual weed to the gift, even if it’s just a gram or two. There’s something magical about getting a little kit as a present, even if it’s more of a starter set.

Rolling Papers

These can be put in a stocking or combined with one of the other items on this list for a combo gift.

Pre-rolled rolling papers are already in the perfect cone shape for smoking. You just add weed, and you’re good to start smoking immediately.

Pre-rolled rolling papers let you get right to smoking!

If you know someone who likes blunts, these pre-made cones make a perfect gift for him or her

Or regular rolling papers for the more traditional smoker. If you combine the papers with a few other tools, like this $6 kit, it really adds to the perceived value.

This rolling kit comes with some helpful accessories

Screens and Pipe Filters

These are surprisingly handy. If you know someone who’s constantly complaining about getting weed in their mouth or in the water of their bong, this is a quick solution that keeps weed from being sucked in while smoking. Best as a stocking stuffer, or when paired with another gift like a small pipe, a stash box, etc.

Check out these brass smoke screens on Amazon.com

Glass Blunt

These glass blunts have become more and more popular over the years. They work exactly how you’d expect. You add your weed inside and can smoke it like a blunt. They’re easy and fun to use, plus you get less weed/smoke smell on you or your hands.

This particular glass blunt is well-rated and comes with a bunch of helpful accessories

Along the same lines (using glass to improve the blunt experience), this glass blunt holder acts as both a filter and protection for your fingers while smoking. I’d never seen one of these until I started making this list but they seem pretty cool.

I learned about glass blunt holders today

Glass Pipes & One-Hitters

Glass is my favorite material for smoking pieces and water pipes. It’s waterproof, won’t melt, won’t leave any residue like plastic, and is easy to clean with rubbing alcohol and regular table salt. You used to have to go to a head shop, but these days you can buy quality ones online for a decent price and Prime shipping!

Here are some different water pipes and smoking pieces I’ve seen on Amazon…

A glass “one-hitter” holds one small “hit” of weed. One-hitters are hands-down one of the most popular smoking tools. I have really fond memories of using one-hitters with friends in hidden places because they’re easy to conceal. I’ve broken tons of them over the years… But they’re cheaper now than ever so at least it’s not a big deal to replace.

This small glass pipe (“one-hitter”) only costs $10 on Amazon

Cheap and discreet, a glass one-hitter can be easily carried in a pocket or hidden in a stash box. This black one on Amazon.com doesn’t stand out like some of the more colorful ones.

This black one-hitter is more discreet

The raised bubbles on the stem of the following one-hitter are a traditional feature. Glass blowers add them to help you get a good grip on the pipe.

I like how this one-hitter has a gradient of colors


Sometimes you’ll see other kinds of 3D decorative details.

The details on this one-hitter are beautiful


One-hitters can come in all sorts of shapes.

This pipe has a fun skull design.


 Animal-themed versions of pipes are also popular.

I thought this octopus pipe was pretty cute

Some even glow in the dark like this frog pipe

Recently, these crystal-made pipes are popping up everywhere.

Definitely a remarkable looking pipe!

There are tons of them on Amazon using different types of crystal and other ornamental stones.


Pipes with Water Chambers

These are kind of halfway between a pipe and a bong. They let you add a bit of water to filter your smoke, but are much smaller and easier to put away.

Hammer-style pipe with water chamber (“bubbler”)

Handheld pipe with water chamber (also called a “bubbler”)

Water Pipes / Bongs

These are typically much bigger than the pipes or bubblers. Just like with a bubbler, you add water inside the device, but a bong typically holds quite a bit more water. Your smoke gets pulled through the water, which cools it and filters it for a more smooth smoking experience than a one-hitter or joint, or even a bubbler with just a little water inside.

This simple water pipe is a traditional “bong” shape with a rounded chamber on the bottom to hold water. A water pipe is the same thing as a bong. People use the term “water pipe” when it seems more appropriate.

 Simple Water Pipe / Bong with a weed leaf

Another sleek looking bong in a traditional shape

Some bongs have “percolators” at the bottom of the glass stem in the water. Percolators create tons of bubbles that help cool the smoke more efficiently.

I think this is a pretty 10″ tall bong with percolators

This charming piece is a “beaker” style bong

The following unusually shaped bong is perfect for someone who’d enjoy a unique looking piece.

This bong reminds me of a dragon. A dragon that’s very pretty but hard to clean. 😂


Glass Ash Catchers

This is just an accessory (doesn’t do anything by itself) but a useful one! An ash catcher is placed where you would normally have the “bowl” on a regular water pipe or bong. You put the bowl on top of the ash catcher. You add some water into the ash catcher and this little piece catches the majority of your ash when smoking. This means you can change the water in just the ash catcher (easier than changing the water for the whole bong) because your regular water stays much cleaner for longer. They also tend to make your smoke even smoother because the smoke is getting cooled and filtered twice before it gets to your lungs.

Here’s an example of a bong with ash catcher. Thanks to Badass Glass for this pic. Notice how there’s an extra piece where the bowl normally goes. That middle piece is the ash catcher. Your regular bowl goes on top. You can even stack multiple ash catchers together!

An ash catcher creates an additional water chamber for smoke to go through

Note: The two most popular sizes for an ash catcher are 14mm and 18mm. These are also known as “normal” and “large”. Make sure to get one that matches your bong’s downstem! For reference, 14mm is about the width of your index finger, and 18mm is about the width of your thumb.

This ash catcher is available on Amazon Prime in 14mm/Regular and 18mm/Large sizes

For the next two, the bottoms can be removed for easy cleaning or to change the color.

This ash catcher is in 14mm/Regular size

Here’s a similar one in 18mm/Large size.

If possible, try to test the ash catcher to make sure it fits the bong before giving as a gift! At least with Amazon you get free returns.


Smoke Buddy

A lot of people love smoking, but almost no one likes the smell of old, lingering smoke. You often don’t want smoke drifting outside of the area in which it’s created.

Cannabis smokers used to make improvised air filters from dryer sheets and cardboard, but now there is a better solution!

The Smoke Buddy is sort of a “sploof” or “sploofy” that filters smoke when you breathe out after taking a hit. If you blow smoke through the Smoke Buddy, it neutralizes the smoke and smell.

Of course, if you’re smoking a joint of a blunt, the constant smoke from the end is going to make a smell. But if smoking from a pipe, one-hitter, bubbler or bong, you can keep most, if not all smoke from leaking if you use the Smoke Buddy (since those tools don’t tend to “leak” smoke constantly like a joint or blunt).

A Smoke Buddy filters smoke when you breathe out so it doesn’t smell

Smoke Buddies come in tons of colors

…even this “wood grain” version

There are lots of designs to fit the personality of whoever you’re getting the gift for. The following Smoke Buddy is Las Vegas-themed. Now that weed is legal for adults in Las Vegas, this seems more appropriate than ever.

I want this Las Vegas Smoke Buddy

Check out TONS more Smoke Buddy designs

Smoke Buddies have been around for years, but recently the “Smoke Eraser” brand has appeared, and they also offer tons of cool designs.

The “Smoke Eraser” brand also has great designs


I personally believe every cannabis lover should have a vaporizer! Using one is better for your lungs than smoking and can be a great choice if your lungs/throat could use a break. In fact, many people use vaporizers exclusively. It’s also nice just to try something different every once in a while because the effects from vaporizing (or “vaping” as it’s commonly called) are slightly different than smoking. In fact, even changing the temperature setting on your vaporizer can slightly change the effects you experience (different cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures).

Unlike joints, pipes, or bongs, vaporizers don’t actually catch the plant material on fire. Instead, they heat your cannabis to the point where the THC and other cannabinoids vaporize into the air. This lets you breathe it all in without having to breathe in any smoke.

Breathe in the weed vapor instead of smoke. You can even fill a bag with vapor and take it to go

Portable vs Tabletop Vaporizers

There are two main types of vaporizers: portable and tabletop. Portable vaporizers are battery-powered. They fit in your hand and are meant for vaping on the go. Tabletop vaporizers are more powerful and consistent than the portable ones, and usually need to be plugged in. With these, you either breathe in the vapor from a tube (like the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland), or you can fill up a bag with vapor and breathe it in at your convenience. The bags are especially helpful for people who are sick and might have trouble sucking air in (the bags can be lightly squeezed to expel THC vapor).

Unfortunately, Amazon takes down vaporizer listings so you usually have to go to a different site to get one. It’s one of the few things you can’t get on Amazon.

These are two vaporizers I recommend (though there are tons of options out there):

Portable Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo works with straight weed/flower and is an easy-to-use and reliable handheld vaporizer

Get the Arizer Solo on Arizer.com


Tabletop Vaporizer

The Arizer Extreme Q is a great tabletop vaporizer and I recommend it to everyone. It’s sort of a knockoff of the much more expensive Volcano vaporizer. The Volcano is a high-quality vaporizer, but with a $400 price tag, it might be too big of an investment for someone’s first vaporizer! The Arizer has many of the same features (including being able to fill bags with vapor) but costs half the price.

Get the Arizer Extreme Q on Arizer.com

Cheap alternative to Volcano - Vaporizer Tower


“Herb” Grinders

Some people prefer to break up their weed by hand, while others prefer to grind it up first. Grinding often causes weed to burn more quickly. That can be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for. If you want the strongest “hit”, especially with a water pipe, a grinder can help. There are other times you might want to grind up some weed, for example when making edibles.

The following 1.6 inch Chromium Crusher is a great inexpensive starter grinder that comes in several colors

A grinder helps you grind up weed

The company that makes this next grinder really put effort into the little details. Kozo grinders are known for superior grinding, an easy grip, and a strong magnetic lid (to prevent weed from spilling out by accident in your bag or purse).

I’ve already ordered this Kozo grinder

Grinders are often available in unique and interesting designs…

Like this Death Star grinder

This grinder will delight a Lord of the Rings fan
“One nug to rule them all
one nug to find them,
one nug to bring them all,
and in the darkness grind them!

The following grinder has a unique shape that fits easily in your hand but can’t be tipped over.

This Aluminum Roly-Poly grinder fits in your hand

This grinder has red lightning details

This colorful grinder has a little drawer that comes out with your weed

Any Pokemon fan will appreciate this Pokeball themed grinder

This grinder will enchant a cat lover (at least it delighted me!)

This list of grinders is just the beginning. Grinders come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs.

Check out the full assortment of herb grinders available on Amazon and see if something catches your eye!

The 4-piece large Cosmic Case grinder is the best grinder for cannabis!


Fun Stuff & Entertainment

This is sort of a “miscellaneous” section with all kinds of different knick-knacks and tools.

Stash Box

Every grower needs a stash box! If you’re giving someone a stash box as a gift, you can really add to the perceived value of this by adding some items inside like rolling papers, screens, a small glass pipe, or even some weed if they’re really lucky. I’ve included lots of ideas for small smoking-related items to put in your box below.

A stash box can be used to hold a lot of your smoking accessories in a portable container

They come in all kinds of styles and designs, from simple and classic like this kit on Amazon

…to ornate and uniquely decorated with matching accessories like this stash box kit on Amazon.

I thought this stash kit had a cool design

This stash box kit has an industrial design and comes with all kinds of cool goodies

This list only scratches the surface of what stash boxes and kits are available. Check out more stash box kits on Amazon.com!


Stash Jars

A vacuum-sealed stash jar keeps weed fresh for longer and prevents smells from leaking out.

This tube is a vacuum-sealed stash jar

Many growers like to monitor the humidity or their weed. If you keep the humidity around 55-62% RH, your weed stays fresh and won’t dry out.

The hygrometer lets you monitor the humidity inside of this stash jar

Smell-Proof Bags

These unobtrusive smell-proof bags are helpful if you want to transport something discreetly like a small amount of bud or a portable vaporizer. These bank teller style bags are effective at blocking odors but don’t look particularly notable.

Smell-Proof Bags can be handy on the go


Hidden Safe

This classic gift is fun but can also be surprisingly useful! There are times many of us want a discreet place to keep our cannabis (or other valuables). These safes look like something ordinary on the outside, but inside there’s a hidden compartment to stash your stuff.

I like the hidden safes that look like cleaning supplies

Why get a safe that looks like cleaner and not soda? Some people might want your unopened soda, but literally no one will touch the Ajax under the sink! The least likely thing someone will do is come and clean out your bathroom. These stash boxes are weighted so they feel normal when you pick them up and shake them.

This hidden lint roller safe is actually a real lint roller

Combine with smell-proof bags to complete the effect of a hidden safe.


Funny Mugs

If you know a coffee lover, there’s a good chance they enjoy getting mugs as a gift. I know I do. For those who like both coffee and weed, I found a few novelties and fun mugs that may get a laugh or two.

This “Roast & Toast” Mug lets you smoke and drink coffee at the same time

This mug combines the love of Starbucks coffee with the love of cannabis

The following mug uses original propaganda that was used to turn people against weed during 1930s prohibition. I love that weed enthusiasts have taken it back! I have a cup just like this and it makes me smile every time I take a sip.

This mug features The Devil’s Harvest!


THC Molecule Necklace

This necklace is neat because it shows the chemical structure of the THC molecule, but it doesn’t scream “weed” so you could wear it anywhere.

Get this THC Molecule necklace (also comes in silver, rose gold, and gold tones)


Fancy Ashtray

People need a place to put ashes. Some solutions are more attractive than others. This globe opens up to reveal a hidden chamber to hold ashes, and then when you close it the ashes have less of a smell and you can’t see them.

This Windproof Ashtray with Lid is both striking and useful

Edibles & Concentrates

Post-processing gives you new options for your weed in addition to smoking or vaping. For example, growers can keep a cannabis plant’s leaves after harvest (the leaves with trichomes/glitter on them) and turn this “trim” into edibles or concentrates like hash or oil. It’s basically like getting more weed for free. For people who just love growing, it’s also common to end up with too much weed after a while and this is a great way to use that up. Or perhaps you had a harvest that just didn’t come out the way you wanted, and you’d rather turn it into something else.

There are lots of other reasons, too. Many growers prefer edibles over smoking for potential health benefits. Or maybe you may just want to try something different.

The effects you get from edibles are somewhat different from smoking or vaping, and if you take a big enough dose the results can be powerful and psychedelic in a way that’s difficult to mimic with straight flower or oil.

Here are some great gifts for a grower who wants to make their own edibles or concentrates.


Magical Butter Machine

"Magic" cannabis-infused butter for making ediblesIn my opinion, one of the challenges with edibles is they can be a pain to make.

If you want to make standard-strength edibles that have a wide appeal (more on making the most powerful edibles below), it’s easy to use “cannabutter” in your favorite recipes. Cannabutter is butter that has been infused with cannabis and can be used just like regular butter to turn almost anything into a cannabis edible.

You can make cannabutter at home with basic cooking tools, but you must stand by and watch. For those who want an even easier method, some enterprising soul found a way to get a machine to do all the work!

The Magical Butter Machine is sort of like a rice cooker for cannabutter. You add cannabis plus butter, and about 2 hours later you pour the infused butter through a strainer and leave it in the fridge overnight to harden. That’s it. Now you can use your “magic” butter to turn anything into a marijuana edible.

The Magical Butter Machine makes cannabis-infused butter which can be used with any regular recipe to make edibles!

Buy a Magical Butter Machine on Amazon to make your own cannabutter at home!


The Source Extractor

Cannabutter can be pretty strong, but maybe you don’t want to use a lot of butter in your edible. Lots of people have dietary restrictions, or maybe you just don’t have any favorite recipes that use a significant amount of butter. The Source Extractor is suitable for people who want just PURE cannabis oil, which can be added to anything, or even eaten directly. Pure cannabis oil is incredibly strong stuff, so you should only use a drop at a time until you get more experience with it.

The Source Extractor is a high-ticket (!) item that lets you turn any tincture into pure cannabis oil.

Note: Simple way to make a tincture: put freezer-chilled alcohol and decarbed weed (bud or trim) in a jar, let sit in the freezer for a few weeks or months, shake and then strain. Or use the faster and more effective Ed Rosenthal Tincture method that you can complete in an afternoon. Now you’re ready for the Source Extractor! Read the full tutorial on how to make tinctures.

Pro Tip: For the highest quality hash oil, start with a quick wash using these steps.

What the Source Extractor Does

  • It’s a “Still” – The Source is basically a countertop vacuum-powered still that removes the alcohol from the tincture and leaves the pure cannabis oil behind
  • Saves money – Turns any cannabis tincture into pure hash oil, which saves tons of money over buying hash oil in the long run. Even if you’re already making your own oil at home, you will save money because you don’t have to rebuy the alcohol every time.
  • Recovers alcohol for reuse – This means you get over 90% of the alcohol back to make more hash oil. Another benefit is the alcohol has been completely purified.
  • Safer – In addition to being easier than making hash oil with a double boiler (typically your only homemade option), it’s far safer to use because you don’t have alcohol near an open heat source, and there’s no alcohol being evaporated into the air.
  • Automated – Set it and forget it!
  • Great customer service and help – When we had questions about how to use the machine, the people at The Source website responded quickly and helpfully.

We bought one of these to review for GrowWeedEasy.com this summer, and we’ve used it dozens of times since then. I think both Sirius and I were surprised at how much we enjoyed having unlimited amounts of pure hash oil. That being said, this machine is quite an investment at $600!

Check Out The Source Extractor on Amazon.com

Ardent Nova

If you want your edibles to be as potent as possible, you want to decarboxylate (often abbreviated to “decarb”) the weed first. This is basically the process of heating the weed for a bit before starting your edible recipe. It creates a chemical reaction that causes weed to have stronger effects when eaten. This can be done in an oven (learn how to decarb your weed at home with typical household tools) but for someone who wants a completely automated, smell-free version, the Ardent Nova is it!

We made a tutorial on how to use the Ardent Nova if you want to learn more or get some tips!

Check out the Ardent Nova on Amazon.com

Growing Tools

If you’re getting a gift for a grower, sometimes the best thing is to get them some actual growing tools.

Growing Book

A book can make the perfect gift for a grower (or wannabe grower) who’s an avid reader! But which book to get? I have two favorite books for growers, one for someone who is new to growing and one for an advanced grower who wants to learn more about plants.

For the Beginner…

Get the "Marijuana Grower's Handbook" on Amazon.com!

I recommend getting the Marijuana Grower’s Handbook by Ed Rosenthal. It is one of my favorite growing cannabis books and contains everything a grower needs to get started growing. It also has bonus insights and tips that may be interesting to more experienced growers.

I like Ed Rosenthal’s clean and thoughtful approach to growing, and although we don’t agree on everything (I don’t think you can find any two growers who agree on everything) I think this book is a great springboard for new growers who prefer their info in print. I actually still look at this book every now and then for ideas!


For the Expert Grower…

Get "What a Plant Knows" on Amazon.com

For those who already know how to grow, there’s a book that isn’t directly related to growing cannabis, but it has information that will take any grower’s skill to the next level. What a Plant Knows teaches you exactly what a plant “sees” and how it reacts to it environment. The information in this book answers so many questions I didn’t even know I had.

My favorite part is how easy this book was to get to the end. It’s written in really clear and easy-to-understand language that is a delight to read. I couldn’t put it down!

It even has a whole section about photoperiod plants (like cannabis), and details what we’ve learned from the studies scientists have done on photoperiodism. Again, this book isn’t actually about cannabis, but it will give you insight about plants that will help you become a better grower (and have a better understanding of why your plants react the way they do!).


Garden Gnome

Garden gnomes are an unusual gift that brings a smile to many people’s faces. A lot of gardeners enjoy having an extra friend while tending the plants (and not my cat who will try to eat their leaves!).

For indoor growers, you generally want to stick to something small, though outdoor growers may appreciate something a little bigger. If your recipient has a special interest, it’s also fun to get something related. For example, if you know someone who loves penguins or cartoons or Star Wars, get them a garden friend that will match their tastes!

Get a Garden Gnome on Amazon!



Jeweler’s Loupe

If a grower wants to take their bud quality to the next level, one of the most important things is knowing exactly when to harvest! This has a huge effect on both effects and overall potency. A big part of choosing the best time to harvest is being able to look at the glittery trichomes under a magnifier.

But what’s the best way to see these beauties up close? Make them bigger!

The easiest way to see the trichomes clearly is to use a handheld magnifier or jeweler’s loupe (which are designed to look at diamonds and jewelry up close). The following magnifier is actually surprisingly effective; don’t let the cheap price fool you! Of all the jeweler’s loupes I’ve tried over the years, for some reason, this has been the best one so far!

A jeweler’s loupe lets you see trichomes up close!

Get this jeweler's loupe on Amazon.com!

 Look at trichomes under a magnifier like a jeweler's loupe!


Digital USB Microscope

A digital magnifier not only lets you get up close and personal with your trichomes… they also take pictures and video!

Want more ideas? Check out our comprehensive article about which magnifier is best.

This zOrb digital magnifier can be used with a computer or Android-based smartphone


Method 7 Glasses

If you know someone who’s growing cannabis under HPS or LED grow lights, you may know that their plants appear unnaturally colored under the grow light. This can make it hard not only to take pictures, but also to spot problems with the plants.

Method 7 glasses have been made to help growers see their plants in the correct light, so you can see your plants in all their natural glory!

HPS Grow Lights – This is what my garden looks like through Method 7’s HPS Glasses

Method Seven glasses let you see your plants in true color! Get your own pair on Amazon.com!

LED Grow Lights – This is what a cannabis garden looks like through Method 7’s LED Glasses

A pair of Method7 glasses let you see an LED cannabis garden in true color, without having to turn off the lights


Super Cropper

The Supercropper is a tool to help with supercropping. When supercropping, sometimes you encounter a really thick or woody branch, but you have to bend it. I remember once I wrapped a branch with paper towels and used pliers to supercrop it. This tool was made specifically to help in that kind of situation.

Kind of niche, but really helpful!

This simple tool makes supercropping a breeze


Light Meter

Whether you’re growing with specialized grow lights or just want to know more about how your light is distributed through the tent, you will love a light meter.

They are weirdly fun to use, and they help you see how small changes can sometimes make a big difference to the amount of light your plants are getting.

A cheap lux meter can help you see which parts of the grow space are getting more light than others, but you can’t compare the measurements between different grow lights. It’s great to get your plants in the parts of the grow space getting the most light, but they’re not really useful at comparing an HPS to an LED, or even different LEDs between each other.

Learn more about cheap lux meters

Get a basic lux meter (100x better than a smartphone app!)

For those who are more serious about getting the exact right measurements between different grow lights, you’ll want a more fully-featured light meter. The most popular one is…

Apogee MQ-500 Full Spectrum Quantum Light Meter



Fiskars Scissors are indispensable for trimming and are a great gift if you know the recipient doesn’t yet have a pair! They have a spring which saves a lot of work while trimming, and their sharp pointy edges let you manicure your buds perfectly.

Fiskars Scissors save your hands while trimming!


Night-Friendly Headlamp

This Green Horticultural Plant Light Headlamp makes light in a specific shade of green that doesn’t disturb your plants while they’re sleeping. You can use one even during the flowering stage to check in on plants at night without interrupting their dark period. Of course, always be careful you’re not letting any other light spill into the grow space.

Check on your plants at night without waking them up!


Humidity Packs / Humidipacks

Boveda Humidipaks are designed specifically for cannabis to be put in mason jars during the curing process. They help maintain the correct humidity exactly at the specified humidity They also help provide a perfect environment when storing your buds so they never get mold or dry out!

Boveda Humidipaks Keep Buds Fresh

Example of buds being stored with a Boveda Humidipak

If you prefer a softer weed that burns slowly, get the 62% version.

If you want your weed to burn more quickly, or if you want to store it for a while, a lower humidity is better. That’s when you want the 58% humidipaks.


Rope Ratchets

These technological marvels (at least they are to me) make it incredibly easy to adjust your grow lights up and down. This is useful not just for taking pictures, but to be able to react to your plant’s health more easily by adjusting your lights to their preference. When I first started growing I used rope to hang my lights, and adjusting the lights up and down was a nightmare. For me, rope ratchets were an amazing solution to a problem I didn’t know I had 🙂

Rope ratchets make it easy to hang/raise/lower grow lights


Bonus: Last Minute Gift Idea If You’re Desperate

If it’s already Christmas and you have no time left, you might consider getting them an Amazon gift card. Amazon has tons of growing equipment as well as vaporizers and more 🙂 This is my emergency backup gift idea for people who are hard to shop for! Better than an iTunes gift card!

Want more? Check out our article on 12 Cool Growing Tools You Might Not Know About



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