Growing Cannabis (600W) Shopping List

by Nebula Haze

600W HPS grow lights

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600W HPS Grow Setup (For Hobbyist Growers)

  • Average Yields: 10-21 ounces
  • Harvest every 4 months to get about 2.55 – 5.25 oz/month
  • Recommended 2-8 plants
  • Grow space is 3.5’x4’x6’ or larger
  • See a grow journal using this setup

Estimated Costs

  • Setup Cost: $780.00
  • Estimated Electricity Cost: $61-128/month (based on $0.12/kWH to $0.25/kWh – see breakdown)
  • Total Cost for Entire First 4-Month Grow (Setup + Electricity): $1292 ($61-130/ounce)
  • Total Cost for Second Grow (Nutrients + Electricity): $542 ($26-54/ounce)

* Alternative/Equivalent LED Grow Light: Kind LED Grow Light "K5 XL1000"

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Examples of this Setup

These marijuana plants are living in the "600W" setup

A carbon scrubber prevents odors from leaking out of the tent in the flowering stage

Carbon filter and exhaust system in a 4'x4'x7' grow tent with 600W MH/HPS

Marijuana plants growing under a 600W HPS in a grow tent

On average this setup yields 10-21 ounces

Cannabis plants growing in a 4'x4'x7' tent under a 600W HPS grow light


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Grow SpaceRecommendedAlternative / NotesCost
☐ Grow TentA 4'x4'x6.5' grow tentA tent or grow space that is 3.5’x4’x6’ or larger$120.00
☐ Exhaust FanCan Max 6" Fan – 334 CFMA strong 6" exhaust fan – hang inside tent to quiet$70.00
☐ Odor Control 
→ Carbon Scrubber6-inch Phresh Filter, 400 CFM, 6" x 16" versionMust be hooked up to exhaust fan to remove odors$130.00
→ Ona Gel (optional)Ona Gel in Original ScentEffective for hiding odors in living spaces, but do not place too close to plants or it may affect their smell!$18.00
☐ ThermometerIncuThermTM Digital Thermometer HygrometerThis model is meant for incubating chicken eggs, but I like how accurate it is. Anything that measures temperature & humidity will do.$15.00
☐ Small Fan(s)For inside the grow space – 2 small oscillating fansMay want additional clip-on fan(s) for extra air circulation$50.00
Grow LightRecommendedAlternative / NotesCost
☐ 600W Grow Light Alternative: Kind LED Grow Light "K5 XL1000" 
→ HoodHydro Crunch Large Air Cooled Grow Light Reflector with 6" Duct & Glass Panel A 6” air-cooled reflector. Make sure it's air-cooled!$70.00
→ MH Bulb600W Metal Halide bulb (for the vegetative stage)Any new 600W MH bulb (don't get used bulbs)$25.00
→ HPS BulbDigilux 600W HPS Bulb (for the flowering stage)Any new 600W HPS bulb will work (don't get used bulbs). If possible get one rated at 90,000 initial lumens as it is the brightest 600W HPS bulb.$60.00
→ BallastApollo Horticulture APL600 (MH & HPS) Digital, Dimmable Ballast600W digital ballast for MH/HPS (dimmable is nice)$90.00
☐ Rope RatchetsGet at least 2 pair; one pair for grow lights & one pair for the carbon filterSometimes included with your grow light$16.00
Nutrients & pHRecommendedAlternative / NotesCost
☐ Base NutrientsDyna-Gro Foliage Pro & Bloom (works for soil, coco coir or hydro)$30.00
☐ Cal-Mag SupplementBotanicare Cal-Mag Plus$18.00
☐ pH Testing KitGeneral Hydroponics pH testing kit (with PH Up & PH Down)$19.00
☐ Measuring SpoonsStandard measurement spoonsMost of us already have these in our kitchen$13.00
Growing MediumRecommendedLearn MoreCost
☐ Choose One   
→ Super SoilSuper Soil is amended & composted soil that is alive with microorganisms$40.00
→ SoilThe most common hand-watered growing medium$30.00
→ Coco CoirA hand-watered growing medium made of coconut husks$30.00
→ DWC / HydroRoots are suspended in oxygenated water, resulting in faster growth and bigger yields$125.00
MiscellaneousRecommendedAlternative / NotesCost
☐ Get Seeds (learn where to get seeds in the US)
☐ 24 Hour TimerElectrical timer by HydrofarmDigital or mechanical – Any timer will do$10.00
☐ Plant Twist TieGrower's Edge Twist Tie w/ CutterAny twist tie meant for plant training (say you need something to hold up vines)$6.00
☐ Water ContainersGet 1 and/or 5-gallon containers (like the ones you’d get with water delivery)For mixing nutrients and moving water$10.00
☐ Ducting & Ducting Clamps6-inch flexible ventilation ducting & 3 pairs of 6” inch ducting clampsTo connect carbon filter to hood to exhaust fan$10.00
☐ Check out this list of helpful grow tools you might not know about 
  Estimated Cost:$780.00
  (plus $30-125 for growing medium)


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Estimated Total Electricity Cost for 600W Grow Light and Fans = $128/month

This includes the cost of running the grow lights and fans.

Electricity Cost for MH/HPS Grow Light: $84/month (based on $0.25/kWh)

Total hours: 558 light hours/month (grow lights are on 18 lhours/day for 31 days)

MH/HPS Grow Light Wattage: 600W 

At $0.25/kWh (everyone is charged different rates, but this is about average for cities), the monthly cost of electricity for the light is…


558 x (0.25 x 0.600) = $84


Electricity Cost for Exhaust Fan: $23/month

Total hours: 744 fan hours (fan is on 24 hours/day for 31 days)

Exhaust Fan Wattage: 120W

At $0.25/kWh (everyone is charged different rates, but this is about average for cities), the monthly cost of electricity for the light is…


744 x (0.25 x 0.120) = $23


Electricity Cost for 2 Oscillating Fans: $21/month

Total hours: 744 fan hours (fan is on 24 hours/day for 31 days)

Exhaust Fan Wattage: 55W x 2 = 110W

At $0.25/kWh (everyone is charged different rates, but this is about average for cities), the monthly cost of electricity for the light is…


744 x (0.25 x 0.110) = $21


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