Nebula’s Autumn 2021 Auto-Flowering Grow Journal (Trained vs Untrained)

Published Oct 09, 2021

by Nebula Haze

It’s time to start my next cannabis grow. These plants should be ready to harvest around Christmas or New Years. It’s going to be exciting!

This grow will feature multiple auto-flowering strains in two tents. I’ll let the plants in one tent grow naturally without any plant training. Just let them grow and see what they do. The other tent will feature plants that I train as normal (cut off the top above the 5th set of leaves and spread branches out as the plant grow).

Example of untrained (naturally grown) auto-flowering plants

Example of auto-flowering (Ruderalis) cannabis plants just before harvest!

Example of cannabis plants trained according to the technique described below

Sweet Seeds Black Jack Auto - this plant grew thick and chunky colas

My Hypothesis:

Plant training increases yields for auto-flowering cannabis strains (when done as outlined here).

Proposed Experiment:

Two identical grow tents. Each holds several autoflowering strains, with one plant of each strain in each tent. One tent gets training, the other doesn’t.

Here is the plant training I will do to the auto-flowering plants in one tent. The other tent will be left alone to grow naturally.

  1. Wait until the seedling has grown 6 nodes (sets of “real” serrated leaves)
    1. If the plant grows any pistils/hairs (a sign it’s about to start flowering), then top it immediately. You never want to top an autoflowering strain after it’s started making buds or you greatly increase the chance of stunting.
  2. Cut off the tip of the plant right above the 5th node, through the main stem. In other words, “top” the plant above the 5th set of leaves.
  3. Spread out the branches as they grow and tie them down and away from the center of the plant (using plant twistie tie)
  4. Try to spread the plant out to fill up space under the light
  5. If any branches start getting too close to the light or seem to be growing way taller than the others, bend that stem over and tie it in place

Note: This will be starting plants from seed instead of clones (all auto-flowering plants are started from seed) which means this will not be as accurate as my typical side-by-side grows which feature clones. However, this is still a fun experiment to get a visual idea of how plant training affects auto-flowering plants.



Join me?

Who wants to germinate their seeds with me? If you’re about to germinate seeds, especially auto-flowering ones, I encourage you to plant your seeds with me. The seedlings just sprouted on October 16, 2021 so you have time!

Join me and we can do our next grow together 🙂

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