Where should I grow?

Is it better to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors?

There's no one answer, but these guidelines will help you decide:

Grow indoors if…

  • You live alone and have space to grow (a closet is all the space you need, more is even better)
  • You just need a small amount of weed (enough to supply a few people), or you have a way to vent out extra heat (growing a lot of plants requires hot grow lights)
  • You want to be in control of all factors (no losing your crop to hemp pollination, a big rain storm, or thieves)
  • You can afford to invest in the proper setup (grow lights, light timer, etc)
  • You want to ensure top-quality medical-grade marijuana buds with no bugs or other impurities

Grow outdoors if…

  • You live in an environment with warm summers (3+ months of sunny weather)
  • You have found a private and secure grow spot that gets a lot of direct sunlight and has easy access to water
  • You want to grow weed for as cheap as possible (when growing marijuana outdoors, there's no need to worry about buying grow lights or setting up your grow room)
  • You want to grow potent buds for as little work/effort as possible
  • You want to grow huge quanities of weed (easy to do when you're growing outdoors and have plenty of room)
  • You are willing to deal with mother nature and possible problems outside of your control 

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