“Twin” Cannabis Seedlings

by Nebula Haze

Did You Know? Cannabis Seeds Can Carry “Twins”

Twin tap roots can sometimes emerge from one cannabis seed. This is sort of like your seed having twins, because each new root has the potential to form into a separate plant! It's not incredibly rare to get twins, but it is pretty neat to see it happen in person!

When this seedling sprouted, it had two taproots coming from the same seed

This cannabis seed germinated with two tap roots - "twins"

When the leaves appeared, there were two distinct seedlings – you can see another tiny set of leaves behind the main sprout!

Twin seedlings - two sets of cannabis cotyledons (first round leaves) coming out of one seed

In this case, I decided to kill the smaller sprout, but you can also gently and carefully separate the two seedlings and transplant one into a new home.

Examples of "twins" being born

Twin plants emerge from one cannabis seed, like twin - each root has the potential to become its own plant

Two taproots emerge from one cannabis seed

From this grower, “When I got the seed it looked really deformed.”

Twin seed sprouted and has 2 roots

If you grow two seedlings together in one container, their roots will become entwined and one plant will usually dominate, stunting the other one. But if you give each plant their own home, they can both thrive!

After the seedlings grow out, you have a tough choice: Separate them or pick one to keep! 

Example of "twin" cannabis plants (two seedlings from just one marijuana seed)

In this case, the grower decided to save both!

The process of separating two cannabis seedling "twins"

In its new home!

Newly separated "conjoined" twin cannabis seedling has been given its own home

It grew so fast it ended up getting rootbound in just two weeks! 

Twin cannabis seed has grown so fast that it's completely rootbound in only a few weeks

A few days later after being transplanted to a new container, the plant is healthy and growing strong. At this point it's a little under 3 weeks from separation of its "twin" 🙂

The carefully separated seedling is all happy and grown up, just under 3 weeks from separation with its "twin" marijuana seedling :)


Now I wonder… is it possible for cannabis seeds to produce triplets?


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