Animals Love Cannabis

Updated Aug 15, 2021

Here’s a collection of pictures and videos of animals and other creaturesĀ on or around growing cannabis plants, enjoy!

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Don’t let cats near your marijuana plants, they may eat them!

Picture of a cat eating a cannabis plant... cat, no!!!

This is me trying to watch my plants grow. šŸ˜‚ ~bjazzzled
This is me trying to watch my plants grow. šŸ˜‚ ~bjazzzled



Picture of a very happy dog in a sea of cannabis plants!


A dragonfly daintily sitting on a cannabis leaf in a greenhouse


Picture of a frog in a cannabis garden


Picture of a goat eating cannabis plants

(hampsters loveĀ eating cannabis seeds)


A hummingbird visiting a cannabis flower

A busy hummingbird checking out some marijuana

Apparently hummingbirds like marijuana plants :)

Hummingbirds are so cute, and they seem to like cannabis buds


Picture of a lady bug perched on the cotyledon leaves of a young cannabis seedling

A cute little ladybug hanging out on a cannabis leaf

Picture of a little ladybug sitting on a growing cannabis plant indoors

I don’t think thisĀ one is a ladybug –Ā it appears to be another type of beetle with similar colors

Picture of a beetle on a cannabis leaf - I don't think it's actually a ladybug but it looks like one

Praying Mantis

Picture of a praying Mantis in an indoor cannabis garden

A picture of a praying mantis on an outdoor cannabis plant

Note: This is what praying mantis eggs look like. If you see this, don’t destroy it! It will hatch praying mantises that will happily munch on many common cannabis pests.


This spider (tarantula?) eats caterpillars and bud worms - a great friend for the outdoor cannabis grower!

Yellowjacket (Wasp)

A yellow jacket wasp enjoying some cannabis buds :)

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