“Wet” vs. “Dry” Cured Cannabis

by D. B.

I decided to do an experiment while curing cannabis, and I got some Interesting Results!   

I put WB#1 into jars too wet.  I put WB#2 into jars way too DRY.  Both with boveda packs.   Stored them under my bed, now over a month. (rolled them in my hands occasionally to prevent lumping, but No Burping)

Cannabis wet cure vs dry cure - different color, smell and taste

You'll notices the weight and size differences of the nugs.   WB1 cured nice and dense and aromatic as hell.  Sticky Icky. The WB1 has a very dense smoke when burning,  so seems stronger.

WB2 buds are light, airy, and also smell great… not as strong though, or maybe it's the density.  But sticky and really kicks me on my ass.  I mean, blurred vision when smoking heavy o_0  !  Love it!

Not attempting to start a pro/con of boveda packs…  just wanted to show how differently they turned out.  Both Awesome as hell, and better than anything I've every purchased, bar none.

Thanks to GWE website & community  🙂



Update: 4 months later…

Hi Nebula,    if you'll recall, the Whiteberry that I jarred with boveda packs while still too wet…   the dense nugs?   Well, opened jar for the 1st time after 4 months…     Ermahgerd!  What a wonderful treat.   Very sticky when you break it by hand, gotta tear chunks off to smoke.. and it slow burns forever  😉    the jar smells just like strawberry jam.

Just thought I'd share, as you mentioned you may try it sometime.    I'll certainly do another jar or two next harvest… just to try to repeat the process…   1st time was kinda an accident/laziness really 😉

Example of cannabis buds that have been "wet" cured for 5 months



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