Examples of Low Odor Cannabis Strains

If you’re growing for yourself, you might prefer to grow cannabis strains that are particularly known for having a relatively mild or weak smell. The truth is that basically, all cannabis plants will stink a little by the time you get to harvest, but some strains are worse than others.

Low Odor Marijuana Strains – These strains are known for producing a low or non-marijuana-like odor.

Photoperiod strains

Auto-flowering strains – what is that?

Low odor strains aren’t fool-proof, but they’ll definitely help make things easier! These are just a few examples that I’ve had great experience with, but there are many others. Learn more about researching strains.

Learn more about controlling smells in the grow room!

Note: Smells are usually more intense when the environment gets hot and humid!

A grow room full of flowering cannabis plants - do you want strains that are stinky or sweet smelling?

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