Growing Marijuana Nutrient Chart – General Hydroponics Flora series

Updated Jan 28, 2021

Want to start growing weed but not sure which nutrients to get?

General Hydroponics Flora Series is perfect for growing weedOne of the easiest, most reliable, and cheapest nutrient systems that work great for growing weed is the General Hydroponics Flora Series.

General Hydroponics Nutrient Schedule – Massive Marijuana Yields At Your Fingertips (PDF)

The General Hydroponics Flora nutrient series is easy-to-find at any hydroponics shop, most gardening stores, and definitely can be found online.

However, the nutrient schedule that comes with the series is a little strong for most strains of weed and should be considered the maximum amount of nutrients.

A good place to start is at half of their recommended doses.

But if you don’t want to figure it out for yourself, I’ve created a guide specifically for growing marijuana with this nutrient system..

Download this handy General Hydroponics nutrient chart custom-made for growing weed (it’s a PDF).

Download General Hydroponics Marijuana Nutrient Schedule Right Here


-Nebula Haze


P.S. For hydroponics the optimum root zone pH is 5.5 – 6.5. Here’s a breakdown of which nutrients are absorbed by cannabis at which pH range in hydroponic setups.

Growing marijuana in hydroponics pH Chart (including soilless mixes that include coco coir, vermiculite, perlite etc)

Teach me what I need to know about pH and growing cannabis!



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