Germinating: Do I need to wait for seed to visibly sprout before I put in a hydroponic DWC system?

Question: OK, I get the, get the seed to germinate then put into a fully prepared RockWool cube. But I have to wait untill it is sprouted out of the cube before I put it into the bubbleponics hydro system I have?

I hate to sound so stupid but this my first time with hydro and the germinating, I always just put the seed in the ground and hoped for the best.

Answer: You can put the cubes into your system immediately; no need to wait for them to sprout. They’ll actually grow  much faster with the constant watering. Good luck!

Followup question: This will give you a good laugh, as I said I would just use loose seeds I had.I floated them till sinking, put them in a moist napkin till leg popped out put in the rockwool blocks.Now out of like 24 I only got (3)Three sprouts, I took the top off of the home made propegation tray with dome.And in the time it took me to get the water and solution in the Hydro unit and turned the pump on, (2)Two of the sprouts had like wilted over.I Gave them a spray of Filtered and PH checked on the and put the top back on and in about (10)Ten men. they were all standing up again.Is it to early? (2)Two have a small root out the bottom.Sorry if I am getting annoying, but I just don’t want to kill the first set of sprouts.

Answer: It’s never too early to put your cannabis seeds in a bubbleponics unit. It is common for new plants to be a little wilty, especially if they’ve gone through a lot of stress or changes. I would only be concerned if they don’t bounce back with some TLC.


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