4 Step-By-Step Marijuana Grow Guides & Tutorials by GrowWeedEasy.com

While there is a lot of general information about growing marijuana, it’s hard to find a simple, easy-to-follow how-to guide that explains what you need to do from beginning to end. We are researching the easiest and/or highest yield systems and are putting the winners here. If you have any suggestions, please contact us!


Simple Hand-Watered Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Guide

This technique can cost under $300 to set up for up to five plants, including all materials, and may produce an ounce or more off each individual plant. It’s low heat, low electricity, easy to set up and maintain, and the plants will thrive even in a small space such as a closet. This is a great technique for the beginning grower because it is simple and easy to set up and maintain, yet very forgiving of mistakes. Because you are growing in coco coir instead of soil, your plants won’t have to seek out nutrients in the soil and you will get much higher yields and faster harvests compared to traditional soil methods. Click on the link above to get started growing today!

High-Yield Bubbleponics Cannabis Grow Tutorial

This hydroponic cannabis growing technique was originally pioneered by a fellow called Roseman. Through his grow journals in the marijuana growing forums, Roseman first showed the growing community that bubbleponics is relatively easy for anyone to maintain. He also demonstrated that bubbleponics will provide faster harvests and higher total bud yields than almost any other style of growing cannabis. The idea behind bubbleponics is that you are growing your plants with their roots suspended in super-oxygenated water. You then add all your nutrients right into the water. Because the plant doesn’t haven’t to seek out nutrients in the soil, it will put that energy into growing huge buds. First getting started with bubbleponics can seem a bit intimidating, but this tutorial breaks everything down into step-by-step instructions. Get started growing today!

Grow Organic Cannabis Tutorial

Organic growing takes advantage of environmentally available nutrient sources and allows them to be naturally broken them down into something a plant can absorb. This includes all organic products you could cultivate yourself through composting, vermicomposting, and even permaculture (aquaponics). Growing cannabis organically may offer a smoother, more flavorful final product than other grow types. There are no harsh chemicals used and a flush toward the end of the flowering stage isn’t even required. Organic growing can be easier then regular soil growing and is usually much simpler then hydroponics. However, growing organic the right way is not cheap. Many products are needed to amend large quantities of soil, or to brew nutrient teas, and this can get expensive.

Grow Cheap and Stealthy With a $100 Space Bucket

Space Buckets are easy to build at home, and will allow you to grow small amounts of marijuana in a way that’s low budget, simple, and doesn’t need a lot of room. Unlike other, more expensive grow methods, a starter Space Bucket only costs about $100 to make. Ekrof has created a thriving community and official website dedicated to helping growers (“bucketeers”) get the most out of their Space Buckets. In this article, Ekrof introduces you to the basics of creating your own Space Bucket.



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