How to Take True-Color Pictures Under LED Grow Lights

by Nebula Haze

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Introduction: Getting True-Color LED Pictures

  1. Specialized Lenses (which specifically correct LED light)


Introduction: Getting True-Color LED Pictures

LED grow lights are relatively new to the cannabis growing scene, but they offer benefits such as built-in cooling and efficient electricity use.

Personally, I love seeing pictures of cannabis plants under LED grow lights; the purples and blacks make a garden look like it’s from another planet. But one of the problems with LED grow lights is it can be difficult for growers to see their plants to diagnose problems. Plus LEDs don’t make it easy for you to take true-color pictures of your garden.

This is a cannabis plant under an LED grow light – everything looks purple and black, and you can’t see the plant’s natural colors.

LED grow lights can make plants look purple and black in pictures

So what do you do if you want to take non-purple pictures of your plants under an LED grow light? How can you see your plants in true color so you can diagnose problems?

1.) Best Option: Use Lenses Made to Neutralize Light from LEDs

Special glasses or lenses can be used to neutralize the light coming from LEDs, allowing you to see your plants in true color. If you take pictures or video through these lenses, it will allow you to take natural-color pictures without changing anything else.

This is what a cannabis plant looks like through Method 7’s LED Glasses

A pair of Method7 glasses let you see an LED cannabis garden in true color, without having to turn off the lights

Here’s a video showing how well these glasses work for an LED cannabis garden

In addition to picture-taking, you can wear Method 7 glasses in the grow room while you inspect your plants. Not only will they help you easily see your plants and spot any potential plant problems, they protect your eyes from bright LEDs too!

Get a pair of Method 7 LED glasses on (if you see the price and get sticker shock, check out an almost-as-good cheaper alternative below)

Get a pair of Method Seven LED glasses on

Method 7 LED glasses are the “standard” though very pricey, and there are a few other less expensive models that help block out the purple of an LED light that are nearly as good but won’t break the bank!

“Apollo Horticulture” LED glasses are waaaay cheaper than Method 7s, and 80% as good! If you want glasses to look at your plants under LED grow lights but don’t want to put down a lot of money, get these!

Get Apollo Horticulture LED glasses on for less than $20!

Get Apollo Horticulture LED correcting glasses to both protect your eyes and see your plants under powerful LED grow lights!

2.) Take Picture in the Dark with a Flash

During the vegetative stage, it lets you clearly see the size and shape of your plant. In the flowering, I believe taking pictures of your plants in the dark with a flash is one of the best ways to get “glamour shots” of your plants in the flowering stage. It really helps you see the buds and glitter as the flash bounces off all the trichomes. It also brings the colors of your plants and buds alive.

Get “Glamour Shots” of your plants by taking a pic in the dark with a flash

Picture of cannabis plants in a tent - picture taken in the dark with a flash

Taking pictures in the dark with a flash lets you see the true colors come to life

The colors of this bud really comes out when taking a picture in the dark with a camera flash

This technique shows how big your colas really are since it reflects off the trichomes on the buds

A picture of a Critical Hog plant - pic taken in the dark with a flash

Take these pictures right before lights go on, or immediately after the lights go off. This ensures you don’t interrupt the plant’s dark period and put it off it’s rhythm.

This huge cola is showing off her colors with a pic in the dark with a camera flash

3.) Step Back

If you step back from the plants, it helps incorporate more natural light and can help give more true color to your plants in pictures. The more natural light you can incorporate, the more natural your plants will look.

Here are examples of photographers stepping back for a little more natural light

An example of plants under LED grow lights - the photographer has moved back to incorporate more natural light into the picture, giving you a better idea of what the natural colors might look like

The photographer added more natural light so the picture would capture more of the plant's true color

The more natural light the better, or simply turn off your LEDs and use just natural light.

4.) Camera Settings

Use Camera Settings to help correct the lighting. For example, DSLR cameras usually allow you to adjust the white balance so that it corrects for some of the purple.

Sometimes playing with other settings on your camera can make a huge difference. Here are some settings to play with to see if it can help you achieve better pictures.

  • White Balance
  • Exposure


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