What do male cannabis plants look like?

by Nebula Haze

Female cannabis plant (DOES grow buds) - female plants grow the sensimilla / buds that every cannabis grower is trying to produceCannabis plants can be male or female, but only female plants produce buds. Because of that, most growers try to identify and remove male plants as soon as possible.

Learn more about plant gender and why the sex of your plants is so important!

So what do male cannabis plants look like? I know a lot of growers dread them but in some cases they can actually be surprisingly beautiful! Male pollen sacs open up and look like flowers 🙂

Here’s a picture gallery of several different male marijuana plants for your reference!

Pictures of Male Cannabis Plants

You know this cannabis plant is male because it's growing male pollen sacs

Beautiful male marijuana plant with pollen sacs opening up like flowers and spilling pollen onto the leaf below

Another example of spilled pollen

Male cannabis plant spilled pollen onto leaf

Closeup of a single pollen sac as it grows in

Example of a male pollen sac, this is the very first one, a "pre-flower" that tells you the plant gender

Sometimes when they first start growing in they look like a bunch of grapes

A young male cannabis plant might look like it's growing a bunch of grapes on top, but those are actually pollen sacs

Marijuana male pollen sacs just growing in

Handsome male cannabis plant

Male cannabis plant in the flowering stage - look at all those pollen sacs!

When pollen sacs open up, they look like flowers – well they are flowers in a way, but you know what I mean 🙂

Example of male cannabis pollen sacs opening up like flowers

A fully formed male plant – this is what male plants typically look like if you let them grow out

Example of a fully formed male marijuana plant with pollen sacs instead of buds

This male-looking plant was covered in pollen sacs in a similar formation as buds. Before this, I’ve never seen a male plant with such little pollen sacs before! I learned this is a female plant that was reversed to make pollen sacs as part of the process of making feminized seeds.

This cannabis plant made pollen sacs that grew a lot like buds

Male plants looking up at the sky! These pollen sacs have turned purple, which sometimes happens with males just like female plants 🙂

Male cannabis plants looking up at the sky

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