What is the problem with this drooping cannabis plant? (pic)

Droopy marijuana plant leavesQuestion: "I used a nute mix: micro 2.5 tsp, grow 1 tsp, bloom 3 tsp, CalMag 5 ml. I pour out 1/4 or the gallon into an empty (*after adjusting the ph of course, a ph of 6.5*) what could this be?) And refill it with plain distilled water so its 3\4 strenght. What am I doing wrong? Too much nuts? Even though There's no sgin of nute burn~ I flushed it thourughly last night, at the end I dulted the nute mix from before 2 parts water (distilled of course) 1 part nute mix.. . . What could this be?? Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon."

Answer: this one is tough. It looks in some ways like it might be over -watered, but I don't think that's it. I've seen leaves that look just like that when they're not getting enough light but I can see what appears to be a HPS in the background so I doubt that's it. Is it affecting the leaves on just parts of the plant or uniformly across the while thing? Is there possibly bugs in the soil or the smell of decay near the roots which could be a sign of root rot? Any other symptoms at all except the folding over leaves?

Followup from grower: The leaves mainly affected are the 2nd and 3rd tier, and some of the young foliage. Not over watered, (with exception  the flush) and one vital piece of information I forgot until now, she was rather dry almost to the point of drooping before (like 4 or 5 days ago) I had car problems and couldn't get to the store for distilled water, you asked if she had any other symptoms. Other than the normal bottom leaves weaking and yellowing just a tad. Maybe a slight P deficiency, I chalked that upto the lack of watering before. It was a mild reaction. 

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