Sick plant close to harvest, what do I do?

Question: i use happy frog organic soil, 600 watt hsp, 6- 23watt cfls spread throught my closet. this is the only lady looking like this, (pis 1&2) i've been slowly picking off what leaves were the worst. i "used" GH flora series (3 part) for majority of my grow, i just recently wisened up and invested in AN 3 part series and Big bud. i check the ph of my mix b4 i water. (using GH ph test kit & adjusters) i wont use the water if the ph is too high. i water every 3-4 days depending on the plant. this is my first go at it, can you possibly help be identify the strans as well (pic 4 just a glimps) also i have my 2nd gen just (from seed) starting to show sex in 12/12 but i noticed (5th pic) this on one, possibly two. thanks.



Answer: I've had plants look similar when the lights were too close. Is it only affecting the leaves closest to the lights? What are the temps in there? The only other thing I would guess is extreme nutrient burn, but it doesn't really look like that to me either. Some plants are more sensitive to lights/heat than others.

As far as strain, there's no way to tell what strain it is without knowing where it cam from. You can guess if it's indica or sativa dominant (indicas grow short and squat while sativas grow long and leggy), but that's usually about it.

Your buds and the rest of your plants are looking great though!


Followup from Grower: i think she might have just been ripe, i invested in a microscope and she had 30% amber trichs, so if anything it was late to harvest right? from what i've read. i harvested her yesterday. thanks for your response. i have the heat under control. (80 degrees) and at the hottest its 83, 60 when lights are off. i don't know what the deficiency was, i hope i don't run into issues like that again.


Maybe you could help with this. . . i want to dabble into hydroponics a bit. for a closet 4ft by 8ft, which method would you recommend? i don't need a ton of plants i'm thinking maybe 3, but i'd have to (learn and) have clones (female only) so i wouldn't waste time and space and money on males. i thought of possibly doing a sog from all clones, but i don't know how complex that is. i plan on researching it extensively. i started in soil so i would get a hang of it before i graduate to hydro. i am on a tight budget, once a get a crop or two in i wont need to purchase my medicine on the street, and paying street prices, i'm hoping to be able to save for a hydro system. if i could get it set up for 300 or less, that would be ideal. it would take a few months to save even that small amount.  thanks for your time, hope you have some words of wisdom for me.


Response from Nebula: If you check out under the how-to section, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. The hand-watered hydroponic grow us made to be under $300 to get started and you probably have a lot of what you need already. If you want to graduate up from that take a look at the bubbleponics grow which is one of the best ways to grow straight in water. If you can't afford the equipment you can may be able to build your own cheap 'bubble bucket' though I don't have experience with that.


Followup from Grower: Thanks, I've looked into bubble ponics, its is likly this is the way I'll go, thanks for your reply. So you know high times has a great article of everything you should know and need to know about bubbleponics and can give step by step directions to build your own. So money is the hang up. I was just wondering what someone with some expierence would have to say. Thanks again.



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