Is the Topsy-Turvy a good way to grow cannabis?

The topsy-turvy is a growing system that is meant to suspend the plant upside down. Though the idea is novel for tomatoes, it hasn’t been proven to make them grow any faster.

Growing Cannabis with the Topsy Turvy

The largest problem you’ll run into while growing cannabis in the topsy turvy is that the device is meant for vined plants with hanging fruits. Tomato plants will fall to the ground unless they have something to grab onto. Cannabis makes a strong main stem and can stand itself up.

Topsy Turvy is Made for Tomatoes, Which Hang Down

A Topsy Turvy container is meant for tomatoes, which hang down - check them out on!

Unlike Cannabis Which Has Thick Stems and Always Points Itself Up

A cannabis plant in a Topsy Turvy will always start growing upwards, and doesn't hang down like a tomato plant
pic by kentsnjcnto

So instead of growing down in the topsy turvy, it’ll grow back up, leaving you with a lot of bare stem. This video is one of the best examples of the topsy turvy I’ve seen.

However,  as you can see, it takes up just as much space as a regulat pot, this one drips, and the yields aren’t nearly impressive enough to warrant the trouble.

Conclusion: Topsy Turvy is NOT a Good Choice For Growing Weed!

Overall, I would say the Topsy Turvy is not a good choice to grow cannabis, especially if the purpose is to get better yields. There’s not even much evidence that it improves yields with tomatos!



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