How Long is the Vegetative Stage? (and when does it end)

Question: How do I know when the marijuana vegetative stage is over?

Answer: When the marijuana plant is in the vegetative stage, it only grows vegetative growth like leaves and stems.

In the vegging stage, the plant does not grow buds/flowers at all.

You can tell when the vegetative stage has ended because the plant starts growing sex-specific flowers in addition to leaves and vegetative growth.

For example, you know the flowering stage has started when the plant starts growing pistils/white hairs/buds if plant is a girl, and balls/pollen sacs if a boy. Just one hair or one sac per bud site is normal in the vegetative stage (known as preflowers) but if you’re seeing multiple flowers at each joint, that means the vegetative stage has ended.

Vegetative Stage vs Flowering Stage Diagram

Vegetative vs Flowering Marijuana plant diagram
Notice how the plant only grows leaves and stems in the vegetative stage

Why won’t my cannabis plant grow buds?


Multiple flowers? It means your plant has started flowering (vegetative stage has ended)

Female plant that has started flowering

You can see this cannabis bud is not ready for harvest even without looking at the trichomes! Since the pistils haven't even started darkening and curling in, it's telling you outright that it's still got a while to go!

Male plant that has started flowering

A few pollen sacs starting to stack up on top of each other!



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