600W MH/HPS Cannabis Grow Setup & Tutorial

Updated Jan 24, 2021

by Nebula Haze

600W HPS grow lights

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600W HPS Grow Setup (For Hobbyist Growers)


About This Setup

The 600W HPS is one of the most powerful and efficient setups you can buy to grow your own cannabis at home. Although the technology behind it is archaic, there’s no denying the high-yielding, high-potency power of the might 600W HPS. Part of the true power of this light comes from the fact that it can be kept so close to plants (as close as 8-10″) while lights of similar wattage have to be kept much further away (18″+).

Pros: Crazy yields, super high potency, most electrically efficient HPS, relatively cheap to buy

Cons: Old technology, emits suspicious yellow light, poorly-made models emit RFI, can get pretty hot


Estimated Costs

  • Setup Cost: $780.00
  • Estimated Electricity Cost: $61-128/month (based on $0.12/kWH to $0.25/kWh – see breakdown)
  • Total Cost for Entire First 4-Month Grow (Setup + Electricity): $1292 ($61-130/ounce)
  • Total Cost for Second Grow (Nutrients + Electricity): $542 ($26-54/ounce)


Complete Grow Supply List

This cannabis grow room setup list includes all the supplies you need to get to harvest.

Grow Light

* Alternative LED Grow Light: HLG 600 R-Spec LED Grow Light (this light needs more space than a 600W MH/HPS, make sure grow tent is 5’x5’x6.5′ or bigger)

iPower 600W Dimmable HPS/MH Grow Light

Grow Space

Plant Pots


  • You need a “vegetative” or all-purpose plant nutrient for the first part of your plant’s life
  • You need a “bloom” or low-nitrogen nutrient for the budding phase
  • Many nutrient systems have a nutrient schedule so you give your plants the right ratios for each stage of life
  • Always start at half strength with a new base nutrient system because the recommended strength is typically too high for cannabis
  • Get examples of great cannabis nutrients
  • Recommended Base Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora trio (use at half strength) + CaliMagic (use at full strength)
  • (Optional) Bloom Supplement: General Hydroponics Floralicious Bloom
  • Cost: $50-100

General Hydroponics Flora trio - includes all your base nutrients! General Hydroponics CaliMagic Cal-Mag supplement
General Hydroponics Flora Trio and CaliMagic

Other Supplementary Items

Estimated Cost: $780 plus the cost of seeds

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These manifolded marijuana plants are living in the "600W" setup

A carbon scrubber prevents odors from leaking out of the tent in the flowering stage

Carbon filter and exhaust system in a 4'x4'x7' grow tent with 600W MH/HPS

Marijuana plants growing under a 600W HPS in a grow tent

On average this setup yields 10-21 ounces

Cannabis plants growing in a 4'x4'x7' tent under a 600W HPS grow light

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