Cold Climate and Winter Growing Tips

by Nebula Haze

Temperatures are dropping and unfortunately, cannabis plants don’t like the cold. In fact, many strains start growing more slowly if the temperature gets under 60°F (15°C), and freezing temperatures can cause major injury or even death!

Growing cannabis in cold or winter weather is brutal outdoors, but can be done relatively easily indoors!

A plant growing outdoors is often more resistant to cold than indoor plants. Part of that resistance comes from the fact that their roots don’t experience big temperature fluctuations.

Keep roots warm and up off the cold floor

If you’re growing in a basement or garage, it’s common for the floor to be cold. If growing plants in containers, it can help to put them on a piece or some other barrier to prevent them from sitting directly on the floor.

Some people are growing in a garage or attic that is okay during the day but is getting too cold at night when their grow lights go off.

Do whatever you can to help keep your plants warm until it stops being so cold

It can help to switch your timer’s on/off cycle so your grow light is on at night and off in the day.

This helps equalize day and night temperatures. Keeping grow lights on at night will keep plants warmer when it’s the coldest.

Change your timer so grow lights are on at night

However, in order to get most cannabis plants to start making buds, you need to give them at least 12 hours of complete darkness every night, which means grow lights need to be off for 12 hours/day. For some growers in a wintry climate, a 12-hour dark period (even during the day) will send the temperature plummeting too low.

But did you know there’s a type of cannabis that will make buds even if you leave your grow lights on for 24 hours a day?

​​​​Auto-flowering strains let you keep your grow lights on for 24 hours/day, which helps keep plants warm in cool grow areas!

They are described as “auto-flowering” because these strains will automatically start making buds and be ready to harvest in about 3 months, no matter what light schedule they get! This lets you leave your grow lights on all day, every day, so your plants stay warm!

Learn more about auto-flowering strains!

An example of autoflowering plantsSome autoflowering plants looking great under a 250w light!

Be Prepared For When the Electricity Goes Out!

One challenge for growers in wintry climates is the impending chance of a power outage during the winter months. Indoor growers rely on electricity to keep plants alive, especially in the winter, so it’s important to get prepared ahead of time!

Learn How to Prepare for a Power Outage!

And while you’re here…

Learn How to Prepare for Other Common Growing Emergencies!

Strain Makes a Difference!

Some strains are much hardier than others when it comes to the cold. If possible, it helps to pick a cold-resistant strain. Learn where you can get seeds.

One advantage of cold temperatures is it tends to bring out colors like purple and pink



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