Examples of Heat-Resistant Cannabis Strains

Heat-Resistant Strains

Every strain is different. Some strains of marijuana are easily stressed by heat, while other strains would thrive in the exact same environment!

When it comes to strains that tend to be more resistant to heat stress…

  • Sativa, Haze, African and Hawaiian strains all tend to be more heat-resistant since they originate from hot climates.
  • In general, auto-flowering strains to be relatively sensitive to heat since they originated in Siberia, but some strains have been mixed with heat-resistant strains to make them more suitable for warmer climates.
  • Many Indica-leaning plants, which also come from cool climates, can be surprisingly sensitive to the heat.

Save your plants from the effects of heat stress!

The heat burn on this plant appeared overnight after a really hot day

Example of Heat-Resistant Cannabis Strains!

Kaya Gold

  • In addition to doing well in the heat, this strain is overall easy-to-grow and resistant to pests and mold
  • Has a surprisingly short flowering stage (8-9 weeks) for a Sativa-dominant strain, and doesn’t get too tall
  • Buds produce very heavy effects – more of a ‘brain-melter’ with couchlock than a good choice for social situations
  • Does well indoors, and grows exceptionally well outdoors (plus it is ready to harvest earlier than most other strains)
  • Great yields
  • Get Kaya Gold from Seedsman (ships to US)

The Kaya Gold strain thrives in the heat. This plant experienced many days over 100°F (38°C) yet plants were unfazed!

Kaya Gold cannabis strain - this beautiful cola was grown outside!



Sour Diesel by DNA Genetics

  • There’s a lot of different companies offering Sour Diesel, but this particular version is my favorite
  • This strain withstands heat and light levels that can destroy other plants
  • I’ve grown it a few times over the years and it always grows exactly the same no matter which grow light I use
  • Buds are consistently potent and high quality
  • Try out Sour Diesel by DNA Genetics

Sour Diesel is the plant on the left. It produced over 9 ounces on one plant.

Example of two manifolded cannabis plants with many colas - training makes a huge difference to yields!

This bud from that plant grew within 8″ (20cm) of a 600W grow light in the middle of a heatwave. The plant on the right suffered tons of damage despite being further away. On the other hand, besides a little heat foxtailing right on top the Sour Diesel buds came out huge and potent.

Sour Diesel: speaks for itself!


THC Bomb Auto

  • An auto-flowering plant that’s ready to harvest about 75 days from germination in my experience
  • I’ve grown it several times, and it always turns out well (though they all grow a little different)
  • This strain experienced temperatures up to 89°F (32°C) during the middle of summer, and never skipped a beat
  • Very potent strain, and good yields
  • Try out THC Bomb Auto

Examples of THC Bomb Auto at harvest


Auto Amnesia by MSNL

  • Another heat-resistant auto-flowering plant
  • Ready to harvest about 11 weed from germination
  • This strain has thrived in every condition I’ve grown it in, including some very hot days
  • Tends to be easy to grow and hardy
  • Beautiful buds, potency and overall bud quality
  • Try out Auto Amnesia

Here are some examples of Auto Amnesia plants I’ve grown.

Grown in a mini tent under a 100W LED grow light

Example of those buds after being dried and cured

Here are more Auto Amnesia plants. See the full grow journal.




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