How do I get 2-4 CFL bulbs per plant, then put all those bulbs on a single timer?

Question:  How do I get 2-4 CFL bulbs per plant, then put all those bulbs on a single timer?

I want to start my first grow was with five plants and between 2-4 CFL bulbs per plant. I know each plant will need 2-4+ CFL bulbs by the time I reach the flowering stage, since marijuana plants need a lot of intense light during flowering to produce big yields. 

But it's a lot of lights… Do you connect lights to power strip and then this strip to timer?  I am trying to understand exactly how you have the lights set to timer(s).  

I have been using timers that keep failing. What are you using? Any reccommendations?

I want to be as safe as possible, while also giving my plants as much light as I safely can.

Answer: Yes, you can get light splitters which can be used to attach more than one bulb to a single light socket. You can often find these at department stores. You can get ones that split a light socket into either 2 or 4 bulbs, like the ones pictured here:

This splitter allows you to convert one light socket into 4, so you can have 4 CFLs per every one light socket/cordThis item splits one light socket into 2, so you can fit more CFLs in your grow space

Then you attach the light sockets to a power strip, and power strip to a timer. You will get the best results with high-quality strips and timers. These may cost a bit more, but are more safe and less likely to fail.

You may need to get more than one timer to accommodate all the lights, and have each timer be on it's own outlet.

However, I generally only recommend growing with CFLs if you're growing just 1-2 plants, as dealing with all those different bulbs becomes a pain with bigger grows. Plus you'll get better results by upgrading to better lights. If you're having trouble, you may want to consider upgrading to a single fixture light like the T5 or even a small HPS.



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