Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Journal – 1.3 lb Harvest!

Updated Jan 28, 2021

by UHave NoClue

Grow Details

Final Yield: 20.1 oz (1.3 lbs)

LED Grow Light: Kind K5 XL1000 (model discontinued, replaced with K5 XL1000 WIFI LED)

  • Average Yields for this LED: 11-11.5 oz
  • Uses 650W of Electricity
  • Dimmable
  • Built-in Timer, Fans & Heatsinks
  • Remote Control
  • Learn More on Amazon

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Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Trio

Supplements: CaliMagic, Diamond NectarArmor Si and FloraKleen

Grow Space: 5’x5′ grow tent

Grow Type: DWC/RDWC (Hydroponics)

Grow Time: 4 months, 20 days


Grow Journal

August 30

I transplanted these two plants from soil to hydro and they are taking, glad to see I’m able to transplant clones from soil to dirt and switching nutes, baby steps but I got there!

Train Wreck plant

Train Wreck cannabis strain

Bubble Gum plant

Bubble Gum marijuana plant under LED light

New roots!

First sign of roots for this DWC plant that was transferred from soil


September 8

Beginning of my 3×3 scrog net

Beginning of ScrOG net

Scrog net complete!

Scrog net (screen) complete!


September 13

Next step is building my reservoir system, slowly getting there!!!!

Two cannabis plants growing under an LED grow light in a grow tent


Sep 18

And it begins! Starting to set up an RDWC system to recirculate water between the reservoirs. Eventually I will move the plants in here.

About to set up the RDWC system!


September 19

They are looking really nice 🙂 got water changing to do and than some trimming to do 🙂 #highlife

Bubble Gum before and after trimming and training

Cannabis plant just before being trained with LST

The bigger cannabis plant LST and training


Trainwreck before and after

Cannabis plant just before training - a scrog net was just put up

That same cannabis plant after being pruned and trained

Sweetness what a difference it made, can’t wait to see them tomorrow 🙂


September 28

Finally got the RDWC working and set up, going to get the same push pump for inside the res but I love it, hope the ladies like this better.

Cannabis DWC reservoir tub

Two DWC cannabis plants in reservoir under LED grow light

I moved the two into a bigger tent, got more training to do now but they are looking good n happy

Happy weed plants under an LED panel - they were just LST'ed and looking good!


October 5

Got the lids on and got the pumps working almost right, decided to buy another like the return to balance it right, super amped on the new set up, also added three nutes to the line up 🙂

General Hydroponics Flora lineup, including the main trio and additional supplements

Redid the lids over the weekend and did more folding on the bubblegum, she seems like the one to scrog over the train wreck but both are looking pretty good, about to trim the Bubble Gum.

Bubble Gum

Marijuana plant 2 growing under an LED grow light

Train Wreck

Marijuana plant 1 growing under an LED grow light


October 22

Week two of flowering. Gave them a transition recipe to bloom last week. This change gave her the rippening recipe. Looking forward to this flowering with the new nutes, can’t wait to see the difference.

Cannabis plants growing under Kind XL 1000W LED grow light - 2 weeks into the flowering stage


November 2

1st pic is train wreck and pic 2 is of the bubblegum. Such a great transplant from soil to hydro. Just extremely pleased.

Train wreck cannabis roots in DWCBlinding white Bubble Gum marijuana roots in DWC

November 4 

Tops tops tops tops tops tops tops everywhere!

Been slacking. Just drop the net in her but now its all her 🙂 decided to leave the outer ring on her just reposition them to light so they are not left out. My first scrog. Already thinking about the next run and how I can improve on training them.

Cannabis plants growing under LED grow lights - these ones were trained to have many tops

LED-grown plant trained to have many tops


November 11

Power went out the other day and a row of LEDs went out. Kind is allowing us to finish this grow out to replace it 🙂 So we threw the lil K3 L450 in there with her.

One strip went out on the Kind XL 1000W LED grow light

Two Kind LED grow lights in the tent with the plants


November 19

Ok it’s getting exciting!!!! I’m so amped to show y’all how they are doing.

Beginning of week 6 of flowering 🙂 and I must admit they are already sticky as hell! I was cutting some bigger fan leaves off to help out the light and barely brushed my arm against the buds. Wow it was like I jumped around in it, my hair was so sticky, I loved it! This run is a 1000% better grow than last, and my first scrog attempt, I’m digging it 🙂

First 3 pics are the trainwrecks (my luvs)

Trainwreck cannabis plant in flowering under LED grow lights

Trainwreck marijuana plant in the flowering stage under LEDs

Trainwreck young flowering bud - grown under Kind XL 1000W LED grow light

Last 3 pics are the Bubblegum (I like these too but not like I do the train wreck)

Cannabis plant in the flowering stage growing under the purple light of an LED grow light

Bubble Gum plant grown under LEDs - view from the side so you can see all those chunky colas!

Bubble Gum cannabis strain - these buds were grown under Kind LED grow lights



January 19

Finally chopped em down after 12 days of flush, just beauties.

Some of the most trichome-encrusted buds I’ve ever seen

Trichome encrusted cannabis buds grown under LEDs

Trichome covered cannabis buds grown under an LED grow lightThese buds were covered in trichomes

Bubble gum left and Train Wreck right.

LED-grown marijuana buds just after harvest - left is Bubble Gum and right is Trainwreck

"Bubble Gum" marijuana strain at harvest, showing both green and purple colors. These buds were grown under a Kind XL 1000W LED grow light.

"Trainwreck" LED-grown marijuana buds just after harvest


Jarring Up Buds

After drying, it’s time to jar them up.

January 25

Bubble Gum – 12.3 oz

318g in jars and roughly 30g in front

Bubble gum cannabis harvest from a Kind LED grow light - 318g in jars and roughly 20g in front.

January 26

Train Wreck – 7.8 oz

223g of greatness 🙂

I think this is at least two times better then the Bubble Gum.

This wasn’t a high-yielding plant but the quality is awesome. They both smoke good but I think the t.w. won in my book.

Trainwreck cannabis harvest grown under Kind XL LED grow lights


Final Yield – 20.1 oz (1.3 lbs)

Bubble gum – 12.3 oz

Train wreck – 7.8 oz

Total: 20.1 oz (1.3 pounds)

The cured buds - Bubble gum on left and train wreck on right for a nice bubble wreck combo :) so lovely
Bubble gum on left and train wreck on right for a nice bubble wreck combo 🙂 so lovely

My thoughts on the LEDs so far:

The Kind K5 XL1000 LED is very nice and slick with a built-in timer and fans. It’s not big and bulky and it doesn’t put out extreme heat. I feel the penetration is good, they are pricey but honestly you save so much on your power bill it basically pays for itself within the first year!



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