HLG 300 Quantum Board LED Cannabis Grow Setup & Tutorial

Updated Jan 24, 2021

by Nebula Haze

Example of an HLG Quantum Board LED grow light setup (with estimated yields, electricity, and initial setup cost)

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Quantum Board (HLG 300L Rspec or ES300) LED Grow Setup

  • Average Yields: 5-10+ ounces
  • Plants: Recommended 2-6 plants
  • Optimal grow space is 2’x4′ or 3′x3′
  • Actual Power Consumption: About 300W at full power, and both can be dimmed down for younger plants or if the temperature is getting too high
  • How Far to Keep from Plants: 24-30″ for the vegetative stage. Start at 30″ and let plants grow up to the light, then keep 24″ away. 18-20″ away in the flowering stage. Watch top leaves for signs of bleaching/early yellowing, which may be a sign to move the light further away.
  • Learn how to grow cannabis with LEDs so you get the best yields!

HLG 300L (R-spec) LED grow light – works great from seed to harvest

The following cannabis plants were grown under an HLG 300 LED grow light, which looks a bit different from the current model pictured above.  The HLG 300 was replaced with the HLG 300L in 2020. It has the exact same technology, but comes with a spiffy new look that includes red or blue borders depending on the color spectrum.

These plants were grown with the R-spec version of the HLG 300 – I couldn’t recommend this light more. I’ve used several HLG lights with great results, but this is my favorite so far. It was a joy to use. Full grow journal coming soon!

HLG 300 LED Grow Light being used to grow 8 cannabis plants in the vegetative stage in a 3'x3' grow tent
8 cannabis plants grown by PlatinumCultivation  under a HLG 300 LED grow light (check out their Instagram profile for more!)
Cannabis plants growing under a Quantum Board LED grow light (HLG300) by depthchargeseeds
Cannabis plants grown by depthchargeseeds under an HLG 300 Quantum Board LED grow light (check out their Instagram profile!)
Cannabis growing under an HLG quantum board LED grow light
Cannabis plants grown by dirtyboyscultivation under an HLG Quantum Board LED grow light (check out their Instagram profile!)

This is the ES300 LED grow light. Notice it’s a rectangle instead of a square. That’s because it was designed for a 2’x4′ grow space, though it will also work in a 3’x3′.

These cannabis plants were grown under two ES300 LED grow lights (expect about half this with one ES300, like the 3 plants in the front)

Flowering cannabis plants being grown under two Electric Sky 300 LED grow lights

About This Setup

LEDs are the newest addition to the cannabis grow light lineup (though at this point they’ve been around for years). LEDs seem to be the direction that grow lighting is headed in general. Aside from the allure of their newer technology, they are great at growing cannabis and they last a very long time compared to some other grow lights. In fact, the ones we recommend can last 100,000 hours; that’s over 14 years if you harvested every 3 months!

Pros: Quantum boards with their unique new spectrums are getting better yields than a lot of the traditional panel LEDs, they’re long-lasting (no replacing expensive bulbs), and they’re just really freakin’ cool

Cons: Expensive, easy to burn plants when kept too close to plants (keep at least 18″ away from the tops of your plants)

HLG first coined the term “Quantum Board” for an LED grow light with the diodes spread out over a large area (on a board). They also have changed the light spectrum from the old-fashioned “blurple” color to something that’s more full spectrum, with higher amounts of red/yellow to promote flowering. These newly improved “board-style” LED grow lights were released and became popular almost overnight. Growers are reporting yields that often beat other types of LED grow lights. We feel it’s too early to call a winner just yet, but it’s undeniable these are some of the best LED grow lights available today (with a price tag to match)!

Setup Cost Estimates

  • Quantum Board LED Grow Light: $450-695
  • Cost for Everything Besides Grow Light: $535
  • Total with Quantum Board Light: $985-1230
  • Estimated Electricity Cost: $23-48/month (based on $0.12/kWh to $0.25/kWh – see breakdown)
  • Total Cost for Entire First 4-Month Grow (Setup + $0.25/kWh Electricity): $1,327 ($132-266/ounce)
  • Total Cost for Second Grow (Nutrients + $0.25/kWh Electricity): $242 ($25-49/ounce)

Summary of what’s needed for this Quantum Board LED grow light setup

Summary of what's on this shopping list for a complete LED quantum board grow setup

You may not need an exhaust fan for cooling in this setup, but if you don’t have an exhaust fan you can’t use a carbon filter, which means you won’t have a great way to prevent smells from leaking outside your grow space.



Complete Grow Supply List

This cannabis grow room setup list includes all the supplies you need to get to harvest.


Quantum Board LED Grow Light (285 watts)

  • Option 1: HLG 300 Quantum Board (R-spec version recommended for best performance in the flowering stage, also works well for vegetative plants)
    • 270 watts
    • Average Yields: 5-10+ ounces
    • Cost: ~$400
  • Option 1: Electric Sky ES300 (designed to be used from seed to harvest)
    • 300 watts
    • Average Yields: 6-10+ ounces
    • Cost: ~$695

HLG 300L (R-spec) LED grow light

ES300 LED grow light


Grow Space

Plant Pots


  • You need a “vegetative” or all-purpose plant nutrient for the first part of your plant’s life
  • You need a “bloom” or low-nitrogen nutrient for the budding phase
  • Many nutrient systems have a nutrient schedule so you give your plants the right ratios for each stage of life
  • Always start at half strength with a new base nutrient system because the recommended strength is typically too high for cannabis
  • Get examples of great cannabis nutrients
  • Recommended Base Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora trio (use at half strength) + CaliMagic (use at full strength)
  • (Optional) Bloom Supplement: General Hydroponics Floralicious Bloom
  • Cost: $50-100

General Hydroponics Flora trio - includes all your base nutrients! General Hydroponics CaliMagic Cal-Mag supplement
General Hydroponics Flora Trio and CaliMagic

Other Supplementary Items

Estimated Cost: $885-1180 (depending on which light you get) + seeds

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