How can I take non-yellow pictures under HPS lights with a regular camera or phone?

Question: Whenever I take pictures of my marijuana plants while the HPS grow light is on, the whole picture looks yellow and washed out. Is there a way to take nicer pictures under the HPS light?

All I have are my iPhone and a regular digital camera. Is there some secret to taking good pictures under the HPS grow light?

Answer: Use "Tungsten" or "Flourescent Lighting" setting on your camera. This setting or mode is available on nearly all digital cameras if you look under the various settings, including click-and-shoot models, iPhones and most other phone cameras.

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Let me show you an example of how big a difference the Tungsten setting makes.

Picture of plants under HPS grow lights taken on regular camera setting
Picture of marijuana plants under HPS lights using the regular camera setting. Notice how everything appears yellow, and it's hard to make out any other colors.
Notice how everything appears yellow under the HPS grow light, and it's hard to make out any other colors.

Here's a picture of the exact same plants with Tungsten setting activated on camera
Marijuana plants under HPS with camera on "Tungsten" setting



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