Trophy Pictures from Our Readers – 2021 Edition

Published Oct 09, 2021


At, we’ve released a newsletter every Sunday since April of 2012! Somewhere along the way, we started the tradition of having readers send us pictures of their cannabis plants, buds, and plant oddities.

We choose from those pics and post them in our weekly newsletter as “Trophy Pics of the Week”. It’s a privilege to be the one to pick out the pictures every week, and it seems like you all like the pictures as well.

Every so often, we get so many fantastic photos that we have to make a newsletter that features just pictures. You’re about to get an easy-on-the-eyes look at what our readers have been growing/showing off.

If you want to participate:

  1. First, make sure you’re signed up for our free weekly newsletter: GWE’s Weekly Newsletter
  2. Next, submit your pics here: Send In Your Trophy Pics
  3. Finally, look for your pictures in the Sunday newsletter and do a dance when you see them. If you don’t see them, you can always try again!

Onto the pictures!
(Click any of the pictures below to see a larger version.)


Pictures by: “seed grower”



Pictures by: Kim



Pictures by: Michael C.


Picture by: Tim

“Let’s all try to be as happy as Tim looks.” ~Sirius

Pictures by: John & Carrie

“I love the vivid color in these photos. Fantastic!” ~Sirius


Picture by: Doreen

“I love that she’s cradling it like a little weed baby. ” ~Sirius


Picture by: John E.


Picture by: Danno


Pictures by: Mr. K


Picture by: Barnes


Picture by: Lumpy


Pictures by: Billy2Bowls

“It’s a little story of a plant growing up to be huge!” ~Sirius


Pictures by: ewrecc420


Pictures by: Dave

One of Dave’s huge plants breaks at the base of the stem…

…and falls over. 😬

Is…is the weed stealing his shoes? What a sad world we live in. has hundreds and hundreds of pages!

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