When does it start to smell when growing weed?

Published Apr 25, 2019

The cannabis buds we know and love have a noticeable smell. They stink. I love the smell, some people hate it, and every strain is different.

But when growing weed, do the plants start smelling? And how much?

What do these cannabis plants smell like?

The answer is that each individual strain and plant is different. But here’s what to keep in mind:

At what age do cannabis plants start to smell?

The leaves of a cannabis plant smell a little, but the buds smell a lot. When plants are young they don’t make a lot of smell, but once the plants get big and start growing buds, the smell can be intense.

  • Cannabis plants are too small to smell for at least the first few weeks after germination.
  • Most plants don’t have a whole lot of smell until they start flowering (making buds).
  • However, I have grown a few random strains where the plants actually started smelling when they were only 3-4 weeks old in the vegetative stage. But that has been relatively rare.


  • Bigger plants smell more
  • More plants smell more

Prevention tips

Happy Growing!
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