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Updated Jan 05, 2021

by readers

Lots of growers send in pictures of their growing cannabis plants to GWE, and we wanted to share some of their amazing pictures and testimonials with you!



The beginning of life! Ice bomb!


A marijuana seedling with cotyledons just starting to grow out of the cannabis seed shell

We had to start with this one! It showcases the very beginning of a cannabis plant's life, when the first cotyledon leaves have burst from the shell and are experiencing the outside world for the first time!



Hello, I live north of the arctic circle. Took 3 seasons to learn enough to efficiently grow autos in my little green house. Bud shots are Blue Dream and Purple Kush. Grew 10 strains this season, all did good, and after 1 1/2 months of cure got some killer smoke, and getting better daily, or so it seems. Last season averaged around 1oz/plant, this season a little over 2oz/plant. Can't wait until next grow, try some stuff to boost production.

~Trail Animal

Auto-flowering cannabis plants in a greenhouseAuto-flowering cannabis plants in a greenhouse

Auto-flowering cannabis bud closeup

Auto-flowering cannabis buds hanging upside down to dry after harvest



I had my Huckleberry plant out on the deck during plant maintenance and this bumble bee decided to stop for a drink. It turned out to be a long drink. It couldn't fly for an hour.



A bumble bee pollinating a cannabis flower



My two clones in DWC 🙂 Hope you like!

~Dr. Greenthumb

2 little cannabis plants in DWC

Those 2 DWC cannabis plants are all grown up and in the flowering stage!

Purple cannabis buds after harvest from those DWC plants



Strain is Nirvana Bubblelicious. I used LST to train and got 2.5oz dried premium bud. I used a Pro Grow 400X LED grow light (retired, learn about modern LED grow lights), with Fox Farms soil and nutrients. I studied your web site and have had 3 successful grows.

thank you


Godzilla got these cannabis buds!

The Budzilla buds are as thick as a 10 dollar bill!



This little girl is my first attempt at cannabis cultivation relying solely on the great info and guide found here @ GWE. I'd love to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the GWE crew. This grow inspired me to scale up dramatically, with great results thus far. (grow parameters changed constantly as I scaled up on equipment as budget permitted (white widow from seed) Mostly CFL w/ 600w HPS grow lights for the last 4wks, Ocean Forest cut w/ coir and perlite. Used Dynagro Bloom nutrients as augment in flowering stage.


A girthy cannabis plant with fat buds - cannabis cultivation as it was meant to be!




Pure AK after 3 weeks flowering under 3 x 55w compact flourescent strip lights, 2 x brightest white 1 x softest light. Beauties! 


Closeup of the white pistils of a cannabis plant using a jeweler's loupe



This is a "Coma Kush" indica-dominant plant. I flowered for 8 1/2 weeks to give it a very heavy, sedating effect. It is very pungent smelling and beautifully shaped, as well as very hard and dence.

I used the mainline style grow for this plant with 8 main shoots. Each plant produced about 300g of dry herb. Not to mention the amazing hashes and concentrates that I was able to make from the trim.

Before I used your website I got conflicting information and shoddy advice. Now my most current harvest is better than anything I can find from a local dispensary in PHX. I couldn't have done it without you thank you!!!

Beautifully dense cannabis buds spilling out of a glass jar




"Big thanks to Nebula and Sirius @GWE. This is my first grow, unknown Nirvana freebie. Indoor box grow with 2×2.5 scrog. Grow lights were 200w MH veg – 300w HPS bloom. For nutrients and supplements I used Jungle Juice, Big Bud, Overdrive, Lots of high stress training including supercropping.

4oz from one plant! First pic is before trimming, the leaves really hung in there to the end and shaded a lot of lower bud, next time I might try aggressive defoliation.

~Axel F

4oz from one plant on his first grow!

Axel Foliages First Grow!



"Hi, I used the information that was provided on how to manifold and grow a great harvest from just (1) 600watt light. I also got some very good results from the Northern Lights seeds I got and plan to buy more!"


Cannabis plant picture - under HPS grow lights

Cannabis grower hiding face behind huge cannabis cola



Been with you guys since early in your beginning. Read everything you posted, followed your rules,and became a master grower. Now I harvest 2-3 lbs of bud every 100 days. Only ever grow 4 plants at a time.

These are Pre 98 OG Bubba Kush (3) and Pineapple Chunk (1). I attribute my success to you and your newsletter. Thanks. Stay lifted. One."


Fat buds and big colas on this cannabis plant growing under an HPS grow light



This is Aurora Indica entering flush phase once again could not have done this without your websites help. rules.


Fat cannabis buds on this Aurora Indica marijuana plant!

Those buds look fat!



This is our first grow. First pic is two days after transplant from coco coir into hydroton and DWC. Next pic is two weeks after transplanting clones and just before LST and Scrog. Even though it's our first grow we thought we would be brave. Last pic is current. We are holding off on flipping them until we get a tiny spider mite problem under control. We are confident we will have that managed in a couple days as we caught them early from the research we've done.

Montgomery, Braker, & Rocco


Young green plants in a DWC setup

Those DWC plants are getting bigger

Those DWC plants have now filled up a scrog net

Nice SCROG! You really filled up the net! 



This is my first time growing and I am across the planet here in Maine.  Just wanted to see what some experienced growers thought, and where I stand as a first time grower.


Super frosty bud with a fancy filter on it!

No filter in this shot of bud, and its even more glamorous!

We think you stand with the best!



Newbie grower dedicated to GWE site

Strain: White Widow – my first was AK-47 (I admit my true love), currently have Blueberry Auto flower in the tent and not to thrilled with the auto..but will see the ladies through. Simple 3×3 tent, separate area for veg staging.."perpetual harvest"…is that different than "addicted to growing"??

Thanks for a most incredible website and the weekly news. We toasted the White Widow and you all as well-its the proper thing to do.

thanks so much.


What lovely bud!Flash looks great on buds!

Some well-kept training......and the classy celebration!



This set of trophy pics was sent in by an anonymous grower. No name, no message, just beautiful pics for us all to enjoy. Good job, anonymous person!



So many colas it's downright shocking!

What a inventive way to hang buds!

Looking mighty sparkly in a nice pile...


OVER A POUND of dry bud off one plant! (about 19 ozs.)

This was my first grow, and I will start off saying I never could have pulled this off without and the invaluable information I learned from Miss Haze. Thank you!

This sole surviving  [ Heavy Weight ]  Massive Midget (AUTO FLOWER) ended up yielding OVER A POUND of dry bud! (about 19 ozs.)

Four of five seeds germinated, and three were removed because they were showing male traits. I can't comment on the genetics as this was my first grow, and I made PLENTY of mistakes – too numerous to mention LOL. LST was used.

Because of it's large size and being on the end, I moved it to the center of my grow area, but by cutting my scrog  net, the plant almost immediately went crazy into a bush. I then decided to give it ALL 720 (output) watts of my LED's to try and increase yield.  I had to angle the side lights because I now had lots of side colas. I even added a few CFLs to hit lower buds. Apparently all this worked, but at a high GPW.

A lovely new beginning...

I used GH trio fertilizer along with Liquid Karma and Hydroguard as supplements. Not sure if Hydroguard would have been necessary since my water was chilled.

I used grow stones for medium (liked, and will use again).

My hydro system is:

  • Three – 3-1/2 gal pots in a 15 gal. recirculating system (water chilled 62-64 deg. F.)
  • Three – Ares 51 W-100's  (5 watt Cree XTE Warm White 3750k)
  • Three – China broad spectrum UFOs ( 140 output watts each)

Although the performance of both lights are good, I prefer the A-51's as they run cooler, quieter, and are much easier to manipulate.

I will also add that LED's are NOT cool when using multiple lights resulting in high output wattage ( 600 "output" watts of LED,s will give off the same amt. of heat as a 600 watt MH bulb). I continually battled high heat almost the entire grow

A bit more time has passed, and this plant has gotten HUGE!

This is what 19 oz of bud looks like! (that's over a pound!)

Flowering in full effect!

I can't comment on the quality yet, as it is curing, but it has a nice mild citric fruity smell. Also would be a good candidate for stealth, as it has fairly low odor..

Harvested and looking fantastic!


  • No one has an (Auto flower)  feeding schedule for circulating hydro systems? I was continually needing to remove excess nutes from the system, resulting in a lot of waste.
  • LED lighting hotter than expected.
  • Will not let rapid rooters stay as wet next grow, as I think I water logged the seeds.
  • I will also start the (autos) in the final pots as they shock too easy when transplanting.

As you stated in a previous article, Autos are more stressful to grow. But, for me it is worth it, as I ended up doing an open grow due to my high temp issues. And, I didn't have to ever change my 18/6 timer, or worry about light leakage etc.




I'm lucky enough to live in Colorado and have been growing my own cannabis for the last two years. I discovered your site about a year ago and have employed "mainlining and defoliation" ever since!

I've use hydro drip and DWC combined, CFL 4' and 4 tubes for Veg and move them into a 5X3 tent with 400 watt HPS to get great results!  Although I don't recommend it, I was able to leave my grow for two weeks this summer, all being handled by timers!

Love your website and thanks so much for your help.


So many budsites!

Happy Festivus!



Thanks for the info on foxtailing. Pic is a Russian Fuel about 20 days from harvest, she grew foxtails on top of fox tails. This was a window grow while I was waiting for the greenhouse season this spring. Never grew one like this.

She grew into this huge cotton candy thing, everything about dripping with resin. She was so airy only took 3 days at 45% humidity to dry. Most surprising: she was wonderful to smoke at 3 days! No harshness at all, and hard hitting sativa blast off. We passed out on 4 hits! So, what a first seemed maybe a less than stellar grow, turned unexpectedly fantastic

Cannabis plant with foxtails growing on foxtails

Probably the biggest window-grown cannabis plant I've ever seen, click the pic to see the fulll-size version!



Dear Folks,

Thanks so much for the article on Photography / send pics which I re-read: Pulled out the DSLR, set it to RAW, Tungsten, adjusted Kelvin and then was able to refine it in Photoshop. 

Totally stoked to get the yellow & red  out-THANK YOU AGAIN !!



This is the before picture...


And this is the same picture with correct settings!



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